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The Purpose of FFA

This stack includes notes and facts about the purpose of FFA.

What are the 3 parts of the agriculture education program? Instruction, FFA, and SAE
The 3 main components of the FFA Mission are... premier leadership, personal growth, and career success
What legislation started Agriculture Education classes and what year was it passed? National Vocational Education Act/ "Smith-Hughes" Act; 1917
Who is considered the "Father of FFA?" Henry Groseclose
When was the Future Farmers of America founded? 1928
When FFA began National Convention was held in _____ but now it is in _____. Kansas City; Indianapolis
In what year was the FFA Creed adopted? 1930
Who wrote the FFA Creed? E.M. Tiffany
What did NFA stand for? New Farmers of America
What year did the NFA merge with the FFA? 1965
What year were girls allowed membership? 1969
In what year did the FFA change its name? 1988
What did the FFA change its name to? The National FFA Organization
The official colors of the FFA are... National Blue & Corn Gold
The FFA motto is... Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve
Name the symbols that make up the FFA emblem and what they stand for. Cross-Section of an ear of corn-unity rising sun-progress plow-labor, hard work eagle-national pride, freedom owl-wisdom the words-FFA is intracurricular
What is the "uniform" of the FFA called? official dress
How should the jacket be worn? zipped all the way up
Name the type of FFA membership available: middle and high school ag education students active
Name the type of FFA membership available: post-high school members interested in agriculture collegiate
Name the type of FFA membership available: anyone who supports FFA alumni
Name the type of FFA membership available: awarded for outstanding service to ag education honorary
Who is the FFA Discovery Degree for? middle school members only
Created by: annae0623



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