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LAT Certification

Chapter 9

How is area calculated? Length x width
What are conversion factors? Ratios used to convert one unit of measure to another
What are some conversion factors for weight? 1 lb = 0.454kg 2.2 lb = 1kg
How is an average (or mean) calculated? By adding up all the number and dividing by how many numbers were added
What is a dosage? The amount of drug administered to a patient based on the species and body weight.
What is the common unit of measurement for dosage? milligrams of drug per kilogram of body weight, or mg/kg
What should you confirm before administering any drug? Confirm you have the correct: drug, concentration, dose, route of administration, time of administration, animal, drug has not expired
Define dose the amount of drug administered at one time. A dose is commonly calculated for an animal based on its body weight and dosage
Define dosage regimen A prescription for the amount (dose) of a drug to administer, the route of administration, the frequency (as in how many times a day) of administration and the duration of treatment
What are some steps to think through to correctly calculate a dose? Make certain to understand the order and have necessary equipment and medications, identify units given and needed, compute the problem, evaluate your answer
What is a solution? Homogeneous mixtures of two or more constituents. Can take the form of any state of matter (liquid, gas or solid)
What are two components of a solution? Solvent and solute; the solvent dissolves the solute, making the solution
What is concentration as expressed as percent solutions? The solute is a percentage of the solution by weight or volume-by weight: solution % (w/w) by volume: solution %(v/v) combination: solution %(w/v)
Define percent by volume The percent of the final solution volume represented by the volume of the solute taken to make the solution (v/v)
Define a mole the weight in grams equal to the value of its molecular weight
Define molecular weight The sum of the atomic weights of the atoms in a molecule
What are normal solutions used for? Representing the concentration of electrolytes in sterile fluids used for injection
What do equivalents refer to? The functionality of a molecule, or in the case of electrolytes, the ion that is free in solution
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