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Parts of the Rabbit

Parts of the rabbit

Ear Allows the rabbit to hear and provides a way for it to cool down.
Shoulder The portion of the body from the neck back through the 6th rib and the upper joint of the foreleg.
Forehead The front part of the head between the eyes and the base of the ears, also known as the brow.
Neck The part of the rabbit connecting the head to the body.
Eye Allows the rabbit to see.
Cheek The sides of the face, below the eyes.
Nose Allows the animal to breath and smell.
Nostrils The two openings of the nose leading to the internal structures of the head.
Muzzle The lower part of the face and nose of a rabbit.
Mouth Allows the rabbit to eat.
Dewlap A pendulous fold of loose skin that hangs from the throat. It is common in does. It should be in proportion to the total body size.
Toenail The nail at the tip of each toe.
Toe The fore end of a foot.
Foot The portion of the skeleton on which the rabbit walks or stands, on the foreleg, that portion below the pastern or ankle. On the rear leg, the portion below the hock.
Chest The front portion of the body between the forelegs, belly, and the neck.
Foreleg The front legs of the rabbit.
Ribs The curved portion of the sides, immediately behind and under the shoulders.
Belly The abdomen, from the last rib to the pelvis, containing primarily the organs of digestion.
Flank The side of the rabbit between the rib and the hip, above the belly.
Hock The area of the foot that carries the weight of the rabbit.
Hind Leg Consists of the foot, hock, knee(stifle), and hip joint.
Knee (Stifle) The joint between the femur and the tibia, corresponding to the human knee.
Midsection The portion of the body from the 6th rib to the rear legs.
Tail The hindmost part of a rabbit made up of vertebrate.
Rump The upper, rounded portion of the hindquarters.
Hip The joint that attaches the hind legs to the trunk of the body.
Back The portion of the shoulder, loin, and hindquarters.
Hindquarters The rear portion or section of the body from the last rib. Composed hips, hind legs, rump and part of the loin.
Forequarters The portion of the body, starting with the neck, back to, and including the last rib.
Loin The portion of the back on each side of the vertebrae from the last rib to the hip joint.
Saddle The upper portion of the back.
Created by: gregorysk94