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LAT Certification

Chapter 1

What are the steps in the research process? Define the Question, Formulate an objective framework, Establish a hypothesis, Create a research design, Identify variables, Collect and analyze data, Report data and conclusions
What is the definition of research? A systematic investigation to establish facts
How is research funding obtained? Grants, Contracts or Donations from Private or Public Sources
What information must be included on a grant application? A detailed description of research goals, the scientific basis of the study, a thorough review of relevant literature, any preliminary data and results, and all procedures to be performed
What are the main public granting agencies in the US? NIH and NSF
What is the primary granting agency supporting biomedical research? NIH
Name some other federal agencies that provide grants Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Name two private foundations that fund research American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society
What does IACUC stand for? Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
What are the AWA requirements for an IACUC composition? Have at least 3 members: Chairperson, Veterinarian with training or experience in laboratory animal science and medicine, a member not associated with the institution (nonaffiliated or community member)
What are the PHS requirements for an IACUC composition? Have at least 5 members: Chairperson, Veterinarian, a practicing scientist with animal research experience, a nonscientist, community member
What is the primary task of the IACUC? Review the animal use protocols of research projects to ensure compliance with all relevant federal, state and local laws, regulations and institutional policies on animal welfare.
What is the purpose of the protocol review? Ensure the welfare of the animals used in the study and to ensure regulatory compliance
What information does a typical animal use protocol contain? Study rationale, justification for species and number of animals, evidence of review for 3Rs, list of personnel, complete description of procedures, criteria for timely intervention, intended method of euthanasia
What is the goal of a post-approval monitoring program? To ensure that IACUC-approved procedures are being followed
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