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DU PA Geriatric PE

Duke PA Geriatric Physical Exam

uneven skin color in the elderly is caused by __ decreased melanocytes
fingernail changes in the elderly longitudinal nail ridges, yellowing, thickening
skin change in elderly loss of elasticity (decreased turgor)
pupils are __ in the elderly smaller
loss of __ gaze in elderly upward
loss of __ vision in elderly near
common normal cardiovascular findings in the elderly systolic murmur, S4 gallop, pseudohypertension
common normal neurologic findings in the elderly wide based gait, decreased ankle reflexes, decreased vibratory sense, decreased frontal release signs
common normal musculoskeletal finding in the elderly kyphosis, loss of lordotic curve, loss of height, loss of muscle mass
common normal GU findings in the elderly atrophic vaginal mucosa, non-palpable ovaries
common cardiac abnormalities in the elderly systolic hypertension, S3 gallop
common hearing abnormality of the elderly high frequency hearing loss
common pulmonary abnormality of the elderly crackles at lung base
common integument abnormalities of the elderly senile purpura
common occular abnormalities of the elderly entropion/ectropion
common mental abnormality of the elderly forgetfullness
Created by: bwyche