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Lab Animal

Chapter 1 & 2 Review questions

What term generally refers to any companion animal other than dogs and cats? Exotic pet
Any animal used in research or teaching is referred to as what? A laboratory animal
Nearly all medications used in exotic and laboratory animal medicine is considered to be of what type of use? Extralabel
Predisposing factors such as species age, gender, and heredity are considered to be what? Intrinsic factors
What is the organization formed to safeguard species from extinction? The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild flora and Fauna (CITES)
What government agency oversees the use of animals in educational or research institutions?
What is the principal federal statute governing the sale, handling, transport, and use of animals? Animal Welfare Act (AWA)
The guide for the care and use of laboratory animals was written under the direction of what organization?
What agency oversees institutional investigations into research misconduct and promotes the responsible conduct of research through educational, preventative, and regulatory activities? REAC Regulatory Enforcement and Animal Care
What institutional group is charged with evaluation of animal use and inspection of facilities? APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
What group provides voluntary accreditation of biomedical research facilities? AAALAC Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
The use of procedures that cause the least amount of stress, pain, anxiety and disturbance of normal life to the animal is an example of what? Refinement
What are the three R's of research? Reduction, Refinement, Replacement
Name the minimum membership of an IACUC. 1 Veterinarian trained in the care of Laboratory Animals, 1 unaffiliated person, and a third person unspecified
What are the two most active animal liberation groups in the United States? people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
How many countries have agreed to adhere to the agreement laid out by CITES? 180
How many animals are protected by CITES? Approximately 5600
True or False: CITES applies only to import and export and not to trade within a country of organisms that were legally imported. True
Species currently threatened with extinction fall under what category within CITES? Appendix I
Species not currently threatened with with extinction fall under what category within CITES? Appendix II
Commercial trade is allowed for which CITES categories? Appendix II
Species protected in at least one country that has asked for assistance in protecting them fall under what category within CITES? Appendix III
Which category or categories require special permits or certifications to export? Appendix I, III
What animals are currently exempt from the AWA? Birds, rats (genus Rattus), mice (genus Mus) and cold-blood animals(not addressed)
What is contained in the Guide for the Care and use of Laboratory Animals? Qualifications and credentials of personnel, Occupational safety and health, Vet Care, Animal Environment, Animal procurement/transport, Surgical/post Surgical care, Pain relief, Euthanasia techniques, Physical plant design
Facilities that receive funding from the FDA or EPA must adhere to what? Good Laboratory Practice (GPL) regulations
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