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BioAnth 2a

Questions I got correct

Two concepts that best explain physical anthropology are that: every person is a product of evolutionary history and each of us is the product of our own individual life histories
The scientific method involves empirical data collection and hypothesis testing
A hypothesis is an attempt to explain observations and predict future scientific results
Bipedalism is considered one of the hallmarks of hominin evolution because it was the first evolutionary development that distinguished humans from other animals
How is a theory different than a hypothesis? A theory is an explanation relying on careful examination and has been tested
How has the environment influenced human biology Changes in the climate produce changes in the environment resulting in changes in human biology through diet
Anthropology views humans as both biological and cultural beings
The four branches of anthropology are physical, archaeological, cultural, and linguistic
Boas laid the foundation for scientific anthropology by relying on the scientific method
Uniformitarianism is the theory that the natural processes operating today are the same as the natural processes that operated in the past
Darwinian evolution proposes that species adapt and change over time based on the evironment
the only source of NEW genetic material is mutation
A variant of a gene is known as an Allele
Evolution based on the relative reproductive success of individuals within a species due to the individual's adaptive fitness is known as Natural Selection
the arrangement of rock and sediments in sequential layers is known as Stratigraphy
The chemical or physical results of the genetic code (in other words, the expression of alleles) is known as Phenotype
The molecules that make cells and carry out cellular functions are Proteins
Which of the following statements about mutations is NOT true? They are always harmful
Nucleotide bases in nuclear DNA include all of the following EXCEPT uracil
Somatic cells include all of the following EXCEPT Gametes
DNA replication produces Two daughter cells
In mammals, the male parent's gametes determine the sex of the offspring because Only males have a Y-chromosome
How many chromosomes in a gamete? 23
Gametes are Haploid
Down syndrome can occur because of nondisjunction, which yields an extra chromosome
The alleles that an organism possesses are known as its Genotype
The portion of a DNA molecule that codes for a specific protein is known as a gene
Human ABO bloodtypes are determined by Multiple alleles
A gene pool is All of the alleles contained within an interbreeding group of individuals
Evolutionary "fitness" refers to an individual's reproductive success
How many cell are produced at the end of meiosis? 4
How many cell are produced at the end of mitosis? 2
What makes it possible for humans to accumulate an amazing amount of information over long periods of time social learning
Archaeology is The study of the behavior and material culture of past human societies
Homologous chromosomes carry genetic information that influences the same trait
DNA Directs cellular function
DNA differs from RNA in that it is the "recipe" for all biological characteristics and functions
The two alleles that result in the phenotype for hemoglobin are equally expressed. This is an example of Codominance
Evolution can best be defined as a change in allele frequencies in a breeding population over time
Mutations to which cells are most likely to have significant evolutionary consequences gametes (sex cells)
What effect does natural selection have on population variation? it decreases variation
The evolution of the modern horse with a single hoof on each limb from a dog sized ancestor with multiple digits is an example of macroevolution
Melanin is advantageous because it provides protection from radiation
Human production of stone or lithic tools is an example of material culture
What are the three observations of natural selection Organisms produce more offspring than survive, populations vary, and traits are inherited
The human Genome Project has identified the location of genes that influence diseases such as sickle-cell anemia, breast cancer, Tay-Sachs, and cystic fibrosis
Darwin drew on information from five scientific disciplines geology, paleontology, taxonomy and systematics, demography, and evolutionary biology
Proteins consist of Chains of Amino Acids
The expression of polygenic traits: is determined by genes at several loci in conjunction with environmental factors
Somatic cells are characterized by all of the following EXCEPT each contains half a copy of an organism's DNA
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