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VTHT 1301 AVMATask10

Aseptic technique: includes all steps taken to prevent contamination of the surgical site by infectious agents.
What covers the feet of horses to help decrease contamination in the surgical suite? obstetric sleeve
Dry heat kills by _____, and moist heat kills by _____. protein oxidation; coagulation of critical cellular proteins
After ethylene oxide sterilization, materials should b quarantined in a well-ventilated area for at least 7 days.
The safe, minimal standard for autoclave sterilization is _____ minutes. 121° C (250° F) for 13
Which antiseptic and disinfectant is bactericidal but does not kill spores or fungi; it has no residual effects; and it is both painful and cytotoxic when used in open wounds? Alcohol
Which of the following is not one of the three physical sterilization methods? Water
Which of the following practices helps ensure adequate steam penetration in the autoclave? Keeping the pack size smaller than 30 cm by 30 cm by 50 cm
One of the most popular agents used in veterinary medicine as a surgical scrub, which agent can be irritating to tissues, causing skin irritation or acute contact dermatitis in up to 50% of all canine patients? Povidone-iodine
Which of the following is a characteristic of monofilament sutures? less resistance
Surgically prepared skin is considered _______, not ________. aseptic; sterile
Nylon is a _________suture material. synthetic nonabsorbable
Surgical catgut is a ________suture material. natural absorbable
If the contents of a horse’s large intestine are to be evacuated, a sterile-draped tray is prepared on which the ______ is to be placed. colon
When passing sharp instruments or scalpel blades, the sharp components should be passed: away from the surgeon’s hand.
Sterile towels are attached around an incision after the surgical scrub to prevent contamination of deeper tissues from the nonsterile: skin
Absorbable suture, in general, is broken down either by enzymatic degradation or by: hydrolysis
__________ suture material is less reactive than _____suture material. Synthetic monofilament; synthetic multifilament
Which of the following is an example of a temporary surgical implant? drains
Which of the following means of hemostasis is avoided during equine abdominal surgery? sponge
During surgery, you place gelatin foams into the surgical site to provide effective: hemostasis
Using oversized suture material can lead to ______ and ______ tissue. increased trauma during placement; more foreign debris in
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