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DU PA Periph Neuropa

Duke PA Peripheral Neuropathy

upper motor neuron disesae will have __ reflexes increased
lower motor neuron disease will have __ reflexes decreased
carpal tunnel syndrome involves the __ median nerve of the wrist
diabetic neuropathy is considered a __-neuropathy poly
carpal tunnel syndrome is considered a __-neuropathy mono
what type of nerve is involved when you see atrophy, fasciculations, weakness, cramps motor neuron
what type of nerve is involved when you see numbness, pain sensory neuron
what type of nerve is involved when you see dizziness, tachycardia, gastroparesis, impotence, loss of sweating autonomic neuron
tingling in hand and digits 1-3, worse when driving, talking on the phone, blow drying hair, wakes people up at night carpal tunnel syndrome history
treatment for early stage carpal tunnel syndrome wrist splints, weight loss, yoga, manipulation, treatment of co-morbid conditions
treatment for middle stage carpal tunnel syndrome steroid injections
treatment for late stage carpal tunnel syndrome surgical decompression
nocturnal tingling of hand-think __ carpal tunnel syndrome
sensory distribution of __ stops at the wrist ulnar neuropathy
motor function of the __ nerve: first dorsal interosseus, intrinsic hand muscles ulnar
you can have a radial nerve palsy from __ toxicity lead
Humerus fracture can have a __ lesion radial nerve
motor deficits of __ nerve are finger and wrist extensors (wrist drop, finger drop), triceps radial
triceps and brachioradialis reflexes test the __ nerve radial
sensory deficits of __ nerve are in the region of the dorsal thumb, and proximal fingers radial
motor and sensory distribution of the __ nerve is hip flexion, knee extension, sensory loss on the anterior thigh and medial surface of lower leg femoral
__ nerve motor distribution is plantar flexion, inversion, dorsiflexion, eversion sciatic
__ nerve motor distribution is plantar flexion, inversion tibial
__ nerve motor distribution is dorsiflexion deep peroneal
__ nerve motor distribution is eversion superficial peroneal
non peripheral cause of painless foot drop (keep in your differential) ALS
causes of __ nerve mononeuropathy are trauma around fibular head, habitual leg crossing, improper plaster cast, prolonged bed rest common peroneal
case: pregnant, forearm pain that causes wakening at night, numbness on plama surface of thumb and index finger carpal tunnel syndrome (medial nerve)
case: truck driver with elbow pain, weakness and atrophy of all hand intrinsics except thenar muscles, numbness of 4th and 5th finger ulnar mononeuropathy
case: obese, diabetic with prickly pain on anterior thigh maralgia paresthetica (lateral femoral cutaneous)
Acute, Inflammatory, Demyelinating, Polyradiculoneuropatyh (AIDP) Guillain-Barre Syndrome
rapidly progressive ascending symmetric motor weakness, paresthesias (sensory loss should not be predominant), frequently associated with antecedent GI illness or URI, may start out with deep achy pain Guillain-Barre Syndrome history
Distal>proximal limb weakness, +/- sensory loss, hypo/or reflexia Guillain-Barre Syndrome examination
Diagnostic testing for Guillain-Barre syndrome lumbar puncture (cytoalbuminological dissociation), nerve conduction studies
treatment for Guillaine-Barre syndrome IV-IG (intravenous immunoglobulin), plasma exchange
ascending acute weakness, mild sensory impairment, loss of reflexes (demyelinating), LP shows cytoalbuminological dissociation, inflammatory immune process, treat with IVIG or PLEX, most improve Guillain-Barre
sensory symptoms that set acquired polyneuropathies apart from hereditary neuropathies positive symptoms-painful, burning, searing, tingling, and numbness
__ is a sign of a chronic neuropathy Hammer toes and high arched feet
one way to determine if a facial asymmetry is old or new look at the driver's liscence
treatment for Bell's Palsy used to be acyclovir and __, now it is just __ prednisone
microvascular hypothesis of diabetic neuropathy poor blood blow causes hypoxia resulting in impaired axonal transport
small fiber peripheral neuropathy associated with diabetes burning feet
autonomic peripheral neuropathy associated with diabetes orthostasis, resting tachycardia, impotence in males, bowel/bladder disturbacnes
treatment for neuropathic pain associated with diabetic neuropathy antidepressants (TCA), anticonvulsants (Neurontin), capsacian/anesthetic ointments
treatment for autonomic neuropathies associated with diabetes mellitus orthostasis (raise head of bed, fluid intake, salt ingestion, stockings, fludrocortisone)
the presentation of alcohol-nutritional neuropathy burning, numb feet with atrophy= distal symmetric sensorimotor polyneuropathy (with primarily axonal features)
nutritional neuropathies B12 deficiency, B6 (deficiency/toxicity), B1 deficiency, Vit E deficiency, Folate deficiency
motor presentation of acquired polyneuropathies distal muscle atrophy and weakness
small fiber neuropathies discomfort, burning, cold, sharp, shooting pain
large fiber neuropathies tingling, decreased position sensation
not all hand or foot pain is a neuropathy, especiall if it __ begins suddenly and asymmetrically
potential infectious agents that can cause nerve problems HIV/AIDS, herpes zoster, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis B
vasculitic nerve problems are usually __ painful
systematic symptoms for vasculitic neuropathies wt loss, anorexia, fatigue, arthralgias, myalgias, fevers
Charcot-marie-tooth disease is an __ neuropathy inherited
CMT-I is a __ neuropathy. demyelinating
CMT-II is an __ neuropathy axon loss
when it comes to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease __ are less affected in CMT II than CMT I reflexes
some good screening tests for peripheral neuropathies A1C, fasting glucose, serum protein electrophoresis, vitamin B-12 level, CBC
Created by: bwyche