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VTHT 1301 AVMA Task6

The most important factor in euthanasia of large animals is: safety
Seeking to replace a pet that has died without grieving at all is a form of: bargaining
____ percent of pet owners classify their attachment to their pet as strong. 50
If a client experiences _____ in response to intense grief, it can prevent them from functioning normally. depression
As of 2010, ___ of households in the United States owned at least one pet. 72%
Anger is difficult for a grieving owner to work through, but ______ may be the hardest thing for the client to relinquish. guilt
The number of people in the over-60-year age group has increased to greater than _____ of the population. 16%
The _____ stage of grief is a normal defense mechanism that buffers humans from unbearable reality. denial
In the United States, the __________ is the organization that issues and monitors the use of barbiturates in medical settings. DEA
The loss of a pet for many owners is made worse by which of the following? The pet is grieved solely by the owner.
When using an intraperitoneal injection of euthanasia solution, death may take as a long as _____ minutes to occur. 15
The number of clients who change veterinarians after a pet has died is about: 40%
The best way to help hospital staff deal with the stress of euthanasia is: a discussion with colleagues
Created by: kcrabtree507