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Food Fiber Final

F&F Final

T/F cellulase breaks down protein false
T/F hay is best utilized by calves at 2 months of age false
what single factor most determines the productivity of lactating cows? feeding/ nutrition
what is the smallest and most cranial of the four stomachs? reticulum
which of the foour stomachs removes the bicarbonate from the ingesta? omasum
how long should newborn calves receive colostrum for? 3 days
whats a heifer? a female cow old enough to breed but has not yet calved
what is the scientific name of the Brahman? bos indicus, domestic is bos taurus
when do heel flies lay eggs? late winter and spring
what is another name for Brucellosis? Bang's disease
what causes bovine lymphosarcoma luekemia virus
can cattle with lymphosarcoma still be used for making pet food? no
is the normal CRT of a bovine much longer than cats and dogs? no, CRT 1-2 sec
when placing a ruminant in lateral recumbancy, which side should be down and why?r right side down so you can observe for bloat
what is the best location ofr IM injection in cattle? lateral cervical muscles
how long do cattle with BVD usually live? under 2 years, BVD= bovine viral diarrhea
can you vaccinate cattle for TB? no
how is infectious bovine keratoconjunctivits commonly transmitted? flies
what is the principal cause of infectious bovine keratorconjuctivitis? moraxella bovis
name some zoonotic bovine diseases: BSE, Anthrax, Brucellosis, Tuberculosis
what is the scientific name of the brown stomach worm? Ostertagia Ostertagi
what type of worm is moniezia benedini? cestode
what causes Bovine rhinotracheitis? Bovine herpesvirus-1
whats the ideal calf crop? 95 calves/ 100 cows
what is the major limiting factor in acheiving calf crop? nutrition
which hormone is responsible for ovulation? lutenizing hormone, released from the pituitary gland
in a .5 mL semen sample there are how many viable sperm? 20-30 million
what is the scientific name for Anthrax? Bacillus anthracis
what is the gestation length in cattle? 280 days, 9 months
when do you preg check dairy cows? 5 weeks post-breeding
normal TPR for cattle? HR: 40-80 bmp, RR: 10-30 rmp, T: 100.4-103.1 F
when should lambs get colostrum? first hour of life
What are some zoonotic sheep disease? Orf, listeriosis, enzootic abortion of ewes,
what are signs of estrus in goats? bleating, redenned vulva, tail flagging, vaginal discharge
what disease is also referred to as "struck"? Clostridium Perfringens type C
what is the average gestation length of sheep and goats? 144-155 days
what is normal goat TPR? HR: 70-90, RR: 15-30, T 101.5-104 F
what is normal sheep TPR? HR: 70-90, RR: 12-25, T 102-104 F
what may precipitate porcine stress syndrome or malignant hypothermia? volatile anesthetics (eg halothane) or stress
what is the most widespread congenital defect of camelids? choanal atresia
what is the average gestation of a sow? 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days
what is the most common cause of reproductive failure with mummification in swine? porcine parvovirus
what is the causative agent of the regressive form of atrophic rhinitis? bordatella bronchiseptica
what is the causative agent of the progressive form of atrophic rhinitis? pasteurella moltocida
what is the average gestation period of the llama and alpaca? 342 days +/- 10 days
what type of infection is erysipelas? bacterial
do llamas and alpacas have a gall bladder? no
what natural oil is produced by sheep? lanolin
what are some zoomotic diseases in sheep? Orf, listeriosis, enzootic abortion of ewes
when are broiler chickens sent to slaughter? 6 weeks, or 4-4.5 lb
What is the largest egg producing state? California
Where in the chicken's reproductive tract is the yolk made? the ovary
where in the chicken's reproductive tract is the albumin added? the isthmus
where in the chicken's reproductive tract is the calcium shell added? the magnum
what is the small white spot on the yolk of an egg? the germinal disk, where fertilization occurs
what suspends the yolk within the shell? chalaza
what is the cause of Marek's disease, "range paralysis"? herpes virus that causes T cell lymphoma
A chicken presenting diarrhea, weight loss, wing or leg paralysis, or death most likely has what? Marek's disease, range paralysis
What are some zoonotic diseases in poultry? Newcastle disease and Avian influenza
What viral respiratory disease affects all poultry? Newcastle's disease
what common disease affects only chickens? infectious bronchitis
A chicken presenting wheezing, nasal discharge, dyspnea, poor appetite, ruffled feathers, depression, and wrinkled eggs most likely has what? infectious bronchitis
What is a common bacterial disease in fowl? fowl cholera
A chicken presenting fever, purple heads and combs, wattle edema, yellow droppings, and death most likely has what? fowl cholera
What is a vector borne virus that affects poultry? avian pox
what does a magnesium or vitamin B deficiency cause in chickens? Slipped tendon, perosis, chondrodystrophy
What species has blood cells resistant to rouleaux? Bovine
What white blood cell is most common a bovine blood sample? lymphocytes
What white blood cell is elevated with a parasitic infection or allergic reaction? eosinophils
What is a normal feature in Caprine blood, especially Angoras and kids? poikilocytosis, RBC's witha curved, stretched shape
What species has the smallest RBC's of domesticated animal species? goats
What species has more RBC's per unit than any other animal? camelids
what is the highest occuring WBC in camelid blood? neutrophil
What species has large oval RBCs that contain oval nuclei? poultry
What cell do poultry have instead of a neutrophil? heterophil
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