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VTHT 1301 AVMA Task3

A lubricated short rubber feeding tube or a urinary catheter is inserted __into the rectum.Diazepam is placed into a syringe and is injected through the catheter.Several milliliters of warm water are then flushed into the catheter to disperse the drug. 8 to 10 cm
Diazepam can be administered ___________ for the immediate treatment of status epilepticus if intravascular access cannot be obtained. intranasally
The technician should not touch the adhesive side of the patch containing the fentanyl because the medication is absorbed topically. Gentle pressure is applied with the palm of the hand over the patch for ____ to help the patch adhere to the skin. 2 minutes
The preferred site for most SC injections is the: dorsolateral region from the neck to the hips.
Intrarectal drug administration may have both ___ and ___ effects. may have both local and systemic effects.
Which of the following statements about the process of arthrocentesis is true? is the clinical procedure of using a syringe to collect synovial fluid from a joint capsule. It is also known as joint aspiration.
Which nerve must be avoided when giving intramuscular injections in a cat or dog? sciatic
Generally speaking, which of the following types of catheters is most commonly used for peripheral vein catheterization? over the needle catheter
You are monitoring a patient receiving IV chemotherapy when you notice that the patient is whimpering. You check the catheter and notice redness and swelling near the injection site. You should: aspirate 5 ml of blood back through the catheter, infuse the tissue surrounding the site with 2% lidocaine, and add either cold or warm compresses.
Which of the following sites is not ideal for applying transdermal medications? The back of the untrimmed neck
Created by: kcrabtree507