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VTHT 1301 AVMA Task2

General medical records are typically owned by the: practice and owner
True or False: a consent form is not needed for euthanasia false
What is used for recording the laboratory data collected from an animal? Patient care chart
The __________ supports the advancement of research in veterinary medicine by allowing studies of national trends in various animal diseases. VMDB
The A and P in SOAP stand for ____ and ____. Assessment; Plan
The major drawback of SOVMR documentation is that: individual medical problems may be difficult to monitor.
In a ____ veterinary medical record (POVMR), information in the medical record is grouped by problem, and each problem is assigned a number and addressed separately. Problem Oriented
Ongoing management of the veterinary patient is documented in _____ notes. progress
The controlled drug log must have pages that: cannot be easily removed
If you work in a “paperless” office, using an off-site service to store electronic medical records means: this service can act as a third-party agent to verify the absence of tampering.
The completed authorization form that provides the veterinary practice with legal evidence that the owner has been informed of important information and has agreed to pursue a certain action is the _____ form. legal consent form
WNL is an acronym for: within normal limits
Which of the following forms is used for recording the laboratory data collected from an animal? diagnostic flow sheet
To maintain confidentiality, ______ is (are) removed from records before they are used for teaching. patient markers
Which of the following acronyms refers to a sheet that offers information on a patient’s management during hospitalization, including which treatments were delivered, when, and by whom? MAOR
Which of the following categories of controlled drugs is the most addictive? Schedule 1
The two most common types of paper folder systems are: alphabetical and numerical
A cage card: is used to identify the patient and the reason for hospitalization.
By law, controlled drugs must be inventoried how often? every 2 years
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