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VTHT 1301 AVMA Task1

True or False: Veterinarian Technicians can prescribe the appropriate treatment. False
The usual remedy in a tort action is: paying money
What is the name of the national board examination given to veterinary technicians? Veterinary Technician National Examination
A veterinary technician who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from a 4-year, AVMA-accredited college is considered a veterinary: technologist
Why are standard criteria for each essential task required for accredited programs? To ensure a cohesive educational experience and practical hands-on training
_______ is the committee of the AVMA that accredits veterinary technician programs. CVTEA
Toward the cheek is referred to as buccal. True
Flexion means the act of bending, such as a joint. True
Which is an example of a mesocephalic breed? Belgian Malinois
Which is an example of a brachycephalic breed? Pug
What does the acronym AVMA stand for? American Veterinary Medical Association
The acronym for a veterinary technician specialist is: VTS
What is not a type of protective equipment for radiology? barium sulfate
True or False: The United States federal government has an established scope of practice that dictates what all veterinary technicians can and cannot do. False
The CVMA is an accrediting body for veterinary technician programs in which country? Canada
In Canada, a veterinary technologist ______ a veterinary technician in the United States. is equivalent to
True or False: Dorsal recumbency means the patient is laying on its back with the belly facing up. True
True or False: Labial means pertaining to the tongue. False
True or False: Lateral recumbency is the animal laying on it's side. true
What is an example of a dolichocephalic breed? Saluki
One of the most important duties for the veterinary technician in surgery is: administering anesthesia.
The most severe sanction the board can give is: revocation.
The difference between a 4-year program in veterinary technology and a 2-year program is the fact that: the 4-year program may include either liberal arts courses or advanced veterinary technology courses.
The operating room (OR) technician can also be called the _____ nurse. Circulating
True or False: Caudal means pertaining to the hind end or tail. True
True or False: Adduction means movement of a limb or part away from the median line or middle of the body. False
The veterinary technician is responsible for ______ and ______ the level of patient pain. assessing; reassessing
There are over _____ “essential” and “recommended” tasks listed in the Accreditation Policies and Procedures handbook of the CVTEA, which constitutes the foundation of the hands-on curriculum for laboratories and practical training. 350
Who is responsible for accreditation of veterinary technician programs in the United States? AVMA
True or False: Ventral recumbency means the patient is laying face down. Also referred to as sternal recumbency. True
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