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VTHT 1217 Ch 9

VTHT 1217 Ch 9 ppt

What are some of the frequently used Vet labs? IDEXX, Antech, Abaxis, Heska, TVMDL, University of Minnesota, University of Tennessee
How do you submit a sample? paperwork is filled out either on a website or carbonless. Make sure the appropriate test is chosen, correct container, sample and sample size is selected. Sample is shipped via USPS, UPS or Fed Ex
What are the pros of inhouse labs? 1. immediate results 2. increases revenue
What are the pros of outside labs? 1. all testing available 2. usually more cost effective for the client
What info is listed on the results? shows normal ranges, abnormal results and confirmation of results
How should lab samples be packaged for shipment? samples should be clearly marked with patient's name, date and type of specimen. All lids secured. A protective absorbent material should be wrapped around individual samples to prevent the sample being broken
What is serum? the liquid portion of blood without cells
What tests use serum? Chemistries, serum, immunology, endocrinology, phenobarbital, digoxin, theophylline
What is plasma? the liquid portion of blood that has anticoagulants added to prevent blood clotting
what is an anaerobic bacterium? bacteria that do not need air or oxygen for growth
why should cytology samples be submitted seperately from samples perserved in formalin? Because its a known carcinogen and it reduces the chance of formalin from leaking into other samples
What does RTT stand for? a. refrigerated test time b. red-topped tube c. result target time d. report thromboplastin time b. red topped tube
What does an LTT contain? a. anticoagulant EDTA b. Sodium citrate c. Nothing d. Serum separator gel a.anticoagulant EDTA
What testing lab can a GI panel be sent to? a.Colorado State University b. Vita-Tech laboratories c. midwest animal blood services d. Texas A&M University d. Texas A&M University
How much formalin should be added to tissue before submitting it for testing? a. 20 times the volume of the sample b. 15 times the volume of the sample c. 10 times the volume of the sample d. 100 times the volume of the sample c. 10 times the volume
What blood tubes are required to submit testing for phenobarbital levels? RTT
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