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Beef Bacterial Dx

VME 4103

Bacterial Diseases associated with Shipping Fever of Cattle Pastueuella (because you get disease as you've left the pastures) and Histophilus Somni and Corynebacterium
Mannheimia heaemolytica bacterium most frequently isolated for them lungs of cattle with BRD, causes severe, aute fibrinous pneumonia with two serotypes and Mann they had coughs
Histophilus Somni Associate with purulent (nasty) bronchopneumonia and history shows they are followed by some septiciemia and infections in multiple organs.
Salmonella possible serotypes, adult cattle can cause foul smelling diarrhea (although seriously when does diarrhea ever smell good), may contain blood clots, and don't eat as much
In young calves salmonella can cause .. and also .. septicemia (infection throughout the body, organism is the blood stream), diarrhea, pneumonia, death
Diagnosis of Bacterial Disease Use histopathology (to discover the pathology (origin of disease) of the tissue). Culture and identify the organism using gold standard
Veneral Disease of Cattle has been seriously reduced because of .. but STD's are common where... Venereal diseases are decreasing because of AI, however wherever natural service is still practiced STDs are still common
Natural Service in the US is practiced by ?? - ??% of the commercial beef cattle herds in North America, but only ??% if all diary cattle. 80-90% of the commercial beef cattle; and 40% diary females.
The STD Campylobacter fetus (venerealis)Campylobacter fetus (venerealis) is an ... along with.. occurring at the obligate parasite of reproductive tract along with trtrichomonas foetus occurring at the coitus
Transmission rates of ??-??% of Trich and Vibro when infected bulls breed to females. These result in loss of... 30-70%, results in fetal loss because deaths peak at 50-70 days in the pregnancy
Bulls have what symptoms of Vibro and trich no, they are asymptomatic shedding carriers
Females show the clinical signs of Vibriosis/Trichomoniasis.. increased time between estrus cycles, increased services per conception, abortion between 4-7 months
Consequences of STD infections- (four) abortion, pyometra (cow appendicitis); extended calving season, and short calf crops with a 90 day breeding season
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