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VTHT 1217 Ch 16

powerpoint presentation

What is the DEA? Drug Enforcement Agency; lead agency for domestic enforcement under the US Dept of Justice
What is a DEA license? allows a physician or veterinarian to be either a prescriber or dispenser of controlled substances; must be posted and visible and is required to practice unrestricted veterinary medicine
What is a controlled substance? any drug with a high abuse potential; opiates, barbituates, hallucinogens and amphetamines; regulated to prevent abuse
How are controlled substances prescribed? in writing, verbal or electronic
What is the controlled substances act? Federal US drug policy which the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of certain substances is regulated
How many schedules of controlled substances are there? 5; I, II, III, IV, V
Who decides which substances are added or removed from each schedule? DEA (drug enforcement agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
How are controlled substances stored? Behind 2 locks; cabinet must be bolted to the wall; limited access by personnel
How do we identify a controlled substance? The label will have a "C" with a roman numeral (one of the 5 schedules)
What is a Schedule I drug? highest abuse potential; no current accepted use in US; LSD, GHB, Heroin, ecstacy, peyote; marijuanna
What is a Schedule II drug? high abuse potential; accepted use in US (with severe restrictions); 30 day supply with no refills with a written script; hydrocodone, hydromorphone, morphine, fentanyl, methadone. codiene, oxycodone,
What is a Schedule III? moderate to low potential for abuse; Current accepted use in US; 30 day supply, refill 5 times within 6 months, written or verbal rx; ketamine, anabolic steroids, products with <90mg codeine per dosage unit
What is Schedule IV? low potential for abuse; current accepted use in US; 30 day supply, refill 5 times within 6 months; Tramadol, alprazolam, carisoprodol, clonazepam, diazepam, midazolam, ambien, butorphanol, phenobarbital
What is Schedule V? lowest potential for abuse; current accepted use in US; 30 day supply, must be 18 years old with an ID and name entered in database;
What drugs should be controlled? Propofol/Diprivan and PPA (Proin)
What is a controlled substances log? perpetual inventory balance system
True or False: A controlled substances log is not required by federal law. False
Describe the rules for a controlled substances log Must be a bound book. A new book must be used every year with an individual log for each drug. Schedule I and II must have a separate log. Logs should be kept for 2 years
How often should inventory control be done? It should be maintained monthly with a final inventory control at the end of the year.
What info is required for a controlled substance log? Drug name and concentration, client and patient name, client address, date, amount dispensed, initials of dispensing vet and team member that filled Rx, balance on hand, intended purpose
Where should discrepancy's be reported? DEA, PD and state board of pharmacy
What amount of discrepancy should be reported? >3%
What is the purpose of log books? Organization, record keeping, reference, some logs are required by law in some states and AVMA/AAHA require logs
Are Radiology logs required for digital machines? No
What does a radiology log contain? Pt name, client name, date, anatomical area, position, measurement, settings, initials and additional section for releasing x-rays to client - date, client name, pt name, destination, initials, date of return and initials again
What is in a surgery/anesthesia log? used for reference, record keeping, controlled substance inventory. contains: date, client name, pt name, procedure, length of anesthesia use, drugs administered, and initials
What is DEA form 106 used for? to report drug loss or theft
DEA form 222 is used to: a. register a doctor for a DEA license b. Report lost CSs c. Order Schedule II CSs d. Order Schedule IV CSs c. Order Schedule II CSs
True or False: Logs can be stored with CSs False
A reverse distributor: a. sells CSs to veterinary hospitals b. incinerates expired CSs c. both of the above d. none of the above b. incinerates expired CSs
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