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Intro to Beef Indust


Total industry has how many businesses in all 50 states? 1 million business
In 2008 there were -- million head of beef cattle 97, two short of all the puppies in 101 Dalmations
The average heard size is 43 head of cow, 43 moo's, or 43 buffalo
Who has the most beef cows is? Florida has how many operations? Texas with 54.4 milion head in 151,000 opperations. Florida has 19,500 opperations.
The United States has less than --% of the world's cattle inventory, it produces nearly --% of the world's beef supply according to USDA. less than 10% of the world's cattle inventory, it produces nearly 25% of the world's beef, with only 10% we double and a half our production. 10 X 2.5 = 25%
Land Utilization in US- % for Crop, % Pasture, % Urban 20% Cropland, 26% Pasture Land; 3% Urban Land, 20+26+3 = does not equal 100,we seem to be missing some statistics here, however easy to remember because 20 cropland with 3 x 2 is 6, so 26% Pasture and 3 % Urban.
Top Beef Cow States The Many Obstacles Never Should Deter Kids Moving Kwickly Towards Infinity. The-Texas; Many-Missouri; OBstacles- OK: Never-Nebraska; Should Deter- SD; Kids- KS; Moving- Montana; Kwickly- KY; toward- TN; Inifinty- Iowa
Ogallala Aquafier It is the largest groundwater system in NA. Stretches across parts of 8 states. Irrigates 65% of farmland in the states.
Approximately -- breeds of cattle; 5 of the 10 contribute --% of the genetics. 80 breeds of cattle; 60% of genetics
In a herd --% of the genetics material is derived from the Bulls. 87% of genetics, sad but true
Beef Cattle Facts: Normal Temp ?; Heart Beats / min ?; breaths / min ? Normal Temp- 102.4 (the second Dalmation movie) F; 38-50 heart (50 states - 13 original colonies) beats / minute; 10-12 breaths / minute (dozen breaths is good)
Gesation period is ? days, average birth weight is ?, and wean around ? days. Gestation period is 272 days, with the average birth weight about 75-85 (about 200 less than gestation) lbs, and weaning occuring around 205 days. (about 70 days less than gestation)
Key nutrients found in beef are: Immune fuction? building block for muscle development? Vitamins for Metabolism? And three others. Zinc immune funtion, iron oxygen carrier, protein building block for muscle development; B vitamins energy metabolism, skin health, aids digestion, nerve function
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