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DU PA Surgery final

Duke PA Surgery Final

if lidocaine burns what can you give to buffer it sodium bicarbonate
possible cardiovascular side effects from local anesthetics hypotension (vasodilation), cardiac arrhythmia
always __ before you inject pull back
don't use the __ technique a lesion with a high degree of clinical suspicion for malignancy shave biopsy
infection of the terminal phalanx felon
untreated felon can lead to tissue necrosis or __ osteomyelitis
traumatic wounds < 12 hours old, infection rate 1-21% contaminated wound
traumatic wounds > 12 hours old, presence of foreign body, gross contamination, infection rate 7-38% dirty wound
general management for traumatic wounds irrigation, control bleeding
generally you should not __ wounds that are >24 hours old close
when using a wet to dry dressing use saline solution not sterile water
advantage of wet to dry dressing changes facilitates mechanical debridement of the wound
wet to dry dressing changes does not __ prevent bacterial colonization or infection
wet to dry dressing changes should be __ wet not soaked
Created by: bwyche