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DU PA Surg Es/LuCA

Duke PA Esophageal/Lung Cancer (Surgery)

esophageal cancer occurs in men at a rate __ times higher than women 3
esophageal cancer occurs in african americans at a rate __ times higher than whites 3
highest rates of esophageal cancer in the world are in __ northern China and Japan
__ are the most common type of esophageal cancer squamous cell tumors
columnar mucosa with intestinal metaplasia (pre-malignant lesion) Barrett's esophagus
develops into adenocarcinoma Barrett's esophagus
most common presenting symptoms of esophageal cancer are __ dysphagia and weight loss
biggest presenting symptom of esophageal cancer, due to obstructing tumor dysphagia
hoarsness indicates involvement of the __ recurrent laryngeal nerve
mean survival period for patients with non-resectable esophageal cancer __ months 9
palliative treatment for esophageal cancer gastrostomy feeding tube, laser ablation or photodynamic therapy, stent placement
squamous cell carcinomas are more of a __ lesion central
adenocarcinoma usually associated with more __ lesions peripheral
if you see a 2cm peripheraly located lesion on a chest x-ray it is a __ until proven otherwise adenocarcinoma
calcified lesions are usually a sign of __ prior infection
non-calcified lesions are usually a sign of __ malignancy
PET scan is a __ study, and is helpful in making diagnosis of lung cancer metabolic
Created by: bwyche