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Sm Animal Nursing

Quiz Review #3

True or False: The first commercial dog food was sold in 1948. False, it was first sold in 1922. 1948 saw the advent of Hill's Packing Co. and Dr. Morris who developed the first kidney dog food.
True or False: "All-purpose" dog foods are intended for use at all life stages. True, they are considered complete and balanced with all required nutrients in adequate amounts
True or False: Kittens will immediately start nursing after birth. False, they will start nursing within a few hours, but not necessarily immediately
True or False: The two methods used to estimate energy content are direct measurement and At Food Factors. False, Direct Measurement and At Water Factors
True or False: If organic vitamins are added to a pet food diet it can be classified as 100% organic. False, no complete and balanced pet food can be considered 100% organic. They need to add inorganic vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients.
True or False: In general, dogs should be receiving less than 30% of protein in their diet. False, less than 40%
True or False: Feeding directions for therapeutic diets should state, "Use as directed by your veterinarian." True
True or False: Weaning for puppies starts at 6 weeks of age. False, it starts at 3-4 weeks of age
True or False: The energy unit we use for pet nutrition is kilocalorie. True
True or False: The principal display panel is the back of the bag where the ingredients are listed. False, the principal display panel is the front or main part of product and should include the exact brand, species of animal it is intended for, and the quantity of food contained.
What are the inorganic elements listed as on pet food bags? vitamins, minerals, preservatives, and trace nutrients
What is the biggest problem with raw diets? Bacteria
What was the first therapeutic diet created for? Kidney disease
What does RER mean? Resting Energy Requirements
When does colostrum change to milk in cats? 72 hours
Why is Vitamin D necessary in the diet of dogs and cats? Because they can't produce it on their own
Define Digestible Energy (DE): Energy that can be "digested" and used by the body. Energy remaining of the Gross Energy after subtracting the fecal energy.
How many calories is 1 kilocalorie equal to? 1000
What is the average energy density in dry cat food? 4000 kcals/kg
What is the equation called for calculating RER? Klieber Brody equation
What are the two essential fatty acids necessary for dogs and cats? Linolenic, Arachadonic
What are the three macronutrients? Protein, Fat,& Carbohydrates
What are the two micronutrients? Vitamins & Minerals
What are the three natural preservatives used in pet foods? Rosemary extract, Vitamin E, & Vitamin C
What protein deficiency only occurs in cats? Taurine
What vitamin deficiency can be induced by rat poison? Vitamin K
What B vitamin is Cobalamin? B12
What is the most abundant mineral in the body? Calcium
What can an excess of Magnesium lead to in cats? Bladder stones
What protein source has to be chemically preserved to use in pet food? Fish
What needs to be included on the information panel of pet foods? Guaranteed analysis, Ingredient statement, Statement of nutritional adequacy or purpose, Feeding directions, Name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, Universal product code, Company telephone number, Freshness date
If the product contains "with chicken," how much chicken (by %) must the product contain? 3%
Why might an owner want to choose a "home-prepared" diet? Fear (of chemicals, persevatives, additives, and by products), Food allergy, they think it's healthier, Palatability(they think their animal refuses to eat a commercial diet), inaccurate ideas of cost, Human-Animal Bond
What is the first step an owner should take when deciding to feed a home prepared diet? They should seek advice from a veterinarian
What is the preferred way to hand-feed an orphaned pet? bottle
What is the best way for an owner to monitor proper food intake? BLS, Scheduled feeding
When should an owner switch commercial pet foods? When health issues arise
During what week of gestation should energy intake be increased? after week 5
What percentage of fat should sled dogs receive in their diet? 60-80%
What is preferred when feeding senior dogs protein? Low protein
When might you want to avoid fiber in a senior pet diet? When they are underweight or losing weight, have poor appetite, or are constipated.
What happens when protein levels are too high in cat food? In disease conditions like kidney failure and some types of liver disease, excess protein can lead to worsening of disease
When would be the most appropriate time to free feed a cat? During gestation and lactation
What remains a health concern during the senior life stages of cats? Obesity
Created by: Adeprey4311



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