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Skeletal System

Skeletal System - VTT 236

What is the 2nd hardest substance in the body? Bone is the 1st Enamel
Bone is a sparse population of cells embedded in a _______. Matrix
What are the 2 types of bone? Compact, cancellous (spongy)
The _________ canal runs vertically. Haversion
The _________ canal runs horizontally. Volkmann's
The _______ is found around the bone. Periosteum
The _______ is the lining within the bone. Endosteum
Bone cells are called _______. Osteocytes
Bone producing cells are _________. Osteoblasts
__________ cells remove old bone. Osteoclasts
The ________ is the end of the bone. Epiphysis
The ________ is the center of the bone's length. Diaphysis
The ______ ______ is what allows bone to grow. Epiphysial plate
The _______ is the hole where blood vessels enter the bone. Foramen
What is a depression in the bone? Fossa
An elevated ridge creating a groove is _________. Trochlear
A bone _______ is a projection of a bone. Process
An ______ ______ is a joint surface on a bone. Articular surface
A ______ is a large, round articular surface. Condyle
What is an articular surface that is spherical at the proximal end of a bone? Head
A ______ is a flat articular surface. Facet
What two types of bone marrow are there? Yellow and red
_____ bone marrow produces red blood cells. Red
Yellow marrow is inactive, but can convert to ______ ______ when needed. Red marrow
Yellow marrow is mainly ________ tissue. Adipose
What are the 4 shapes of bone? Long, short, flat, irregular
What are some long bones? Tibia, femur, humerus, radius, ulna
What are some short bones? Tarsals, carpals
What are some flat bones? Scapula, skull bones, pelvic bones
What are some irregular bones? Vertebrae, sesmoids
What are the 3 skeletal divisions? Axial, appendicular, visceral
What are some axial bones? Skull, hyoid, spine, ribs, sternum
What are examples of appendicular bones? Femur, humerus, ulna, radius
What are bones of the visceral bones? Os penis, os cardis, os rostri
What bone houses the bulk of the brain? Parietal
The _______ _______ is the hole at the base of the skull where the spinal cord passes through. Foramen magnum
What is the frontal bone? Forehead
The lower jaw is called the _________. Mandible
The __________ bone is the bone by the nose. Nasal
What is the bone of the upper jaw? Maxilla
The ________ bone houses the incisors in front of the maxilla. Incisive
The ________ bone is the cheek bone. Zygomatic
The ___________ bones are found within the nasal cavity, thin like paper to warm and humidify air. Turbinates
What are the 5 spinal regions? Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccygeal
________ ______ separate vertebra bodies. Intervertebral discs
C1 is called the _______. Atlas
C2 is called the ______. Axis
What are the 3 parts of the sternum? Manubrium (cranial), xyphoid (distal), body (middle)
_______ _______ attaches ribs to sternum. Costal cartilage
The __________ junction is where the ribs meet the costal cartilage. Costochondral
What part of the scapula meets the humerus to form the shoulder? Glenoid cavity
The scapula has a spine for _________ attachment. Muscle
The humerus is also called the ________. Brachium
The lower front leg bones are the ____________. Antebrachium
The main weight baring bone of the antebrachium is the ________. Radius
Metacarpal 1 is the __________. Dewclaw
The pelvis _________ are holes that lighten the pelvis. Foramen
The knee cap, called the _________, is the largest sesamoid bone that protects the tendon. Patella
The ________ is the main weight bearing bone of the hind limb. Tibia
The ankle is also called the ______. Hock
A ________ ________ is a clean snap of bone. Transverse fracture
An ________ fracture is a bone snapped at an angle to the shaft. Oblique
__________ fractures are broken into more than 2 pieces. Comminuted
Fractures in more than 2 pieces but can't be put back together and require surgery are called what? Comminuted non-reducible
________ fractures are only partial breaks. Greenstick
A _________ fracture protrudes out of the skin, where closed fractures don't leave the body. Compound
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