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What is religion to most people? Celebration of key values and beliefs
Why is religion a particularly good example of the tension between globalization and local diversity? Religion represents core cultural value and beliefs that may conflict with others
What is the predominant religion in Latin America? Catholicism
What is an ethnic religion? Appeals to one group of people in one place
What is a universalizing religion? Appeals to almost everyone
What is the world's largest universalizing religion? Christianity
Which characteristic distinguishes religion and Latin America from North America? Most of the Latin America population is Roman Catholic
What is the world's largest ethnic religion? Hinduism
Three examples of non-universalizing religions Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism
In what part of the world are Muslims clustered? Northern Africa and southwestern Asia
How much of the world's population do adherents of the three major universalizing religions represent? More than half of the global population but less than 2/3
Describe how tensions and conflicts may arise when universalizing and ethnic religions are in one geographic space. Clash between cultural values and beliefs that lead to conflict
Where are Buddhism's 400 million adherents clustered? China and Southeast Asia
Which religious branch has a single living authority who speaks for the entire branch? Roman Catholicism (the Pope)
Lutheranism is a Christian example of what? A denomination (of Protestant)
What is the largest branch of Islam in Iran? Shiite
What are the branches of Christianity? Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Roman Catholic
What do you call a relatively small group that has broken away from an established church? A sect
How did the division of Islam into branches result? A disagreement over which of Muhammad's relatives should succeed him
What is a large and fundamental division within a religion? A branch
List the religions not considered Christian Hinduism, Sikhism, Baha'i, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism
What are the order of divisions of a universalizing religion? Branch, Denomination, Sect
What do Mahayanists, in contrast to Theravadists, emphasize about Buddha? He was compassionate, kinder and less threatening.
What is Eastern Orthodoxy a Christian example of? A branch
Almost 90% of people in the Western Hemisphere claim adherence to what religion? Christianity
Baptist are clustered where in the United States? Southeast
Lutherans are clustered where in the United States? Upper Midwest
Where does Islam have the most adherents? Indonesia
Which are the countries that have 80% or above of a Christian population? Mexico, Chile and Italy
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