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WR--Christianity #1

DSST World Religions

In Judaism and Christianity, the dramatic end of the present age. apocalypse
The Christian rite that involves the ceremonial use of water and signifies formal admission to the Church. baptism
Short statements by Jesus about those who are most blessed. part of the Sermon on the Mount Beatitudes
Years after the traditional date used for the birth of Jesus, previously referred to as AD and now abbreviated to CE Common Era
A Christian sacrament at which a baptized person, especially one baptized as an infant, affirms Christian belief and is admitted as a full member of the church Confirmation
The Christian sacrament by which believers are renewed in the mystical body of Christ by partaking of bread and wine, understood as his body and blood. Eucharist or Communion
Ardent preaching of the Christian gospel in order to win converts Evangelism
Exclusion from participation in the Christian sacraments (applied particularly to Roman Catholicism), which is a bar to gaining access to heaven. Excommunication
In Christianity, the ‘good news’ that God has raised Jesus from the dead. The first four books of the New Testament. Gospel
The Christian doctrine stating that God took human form in the person of Jesus Christ. Incarnation
The return of Jesus Christ from the dead after his crucifixion. Resurrection
The Christian doctrine stating that in God there are three persons: God, the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Trinity
In Roman Catholic Christianity, granting of a remission of sins in exchange for money. indulgence
In Christianity and Judaism, the rites or order of public worship performed by a religious group, according to its beliefs, customs and traditions. liturgy
The occasion when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples of Jesus after his death. Pentecost
The Bishop of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope
The Christian belief that all human beings are born sinful. In the Bible, this is described as an act of disobedience on the part of Adam and Eve. original sin
The day of the week set aside for rest and worship in Judaism and Christianity. Sabbath
Each of Jesus' twelve disciples; also any early preacher of Christianity Apostle
The scriptures sacred to Christians, consisting of the books of the Hebrew bible and the New Testament. Bible
"Anointed" (Hebrew); a special messenger sent by God foretold in Hebrew Scriptures, and believed by Christians to be Jesus. Messiah
The belief that because God is all-powerful and all-knowing, a human being's ultimate reward or punishment is already decreed by God; a notion emphasized in Calvinism. predestination
military expeditions undertaken by Christians in the 11th-13th centuries to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims Crusades
the Roman Catholic term for the Eucharist or worship service mass
belief that says that Christians would be caught up in clouds to meet Jesus when he returned to earth Rapture
The 40-day period of spiritual discipline preceding the Christian festival of Easter. Lent
In Christianity, having been absolved of sin in the eyes of God. justified
One thousand years, a term used in Christianity and certain newer religions for a hoped-for period of a thousand years of holiness and happiness, with Christ ruling the earth, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation. Millennium
The entity that Jesus said would come after his death to help the people. Paraclete Holy Spirit (Ghost)
In Roman-ruled Judaea, liberals who tried to practice Torah in their lives. They were very legalistic Pharisees
The Eastern branch of Christianity. Broke away from the Roman church Orthodoxy
"Buy again," "buy back" (Latin); the belief that the death of Jesus has paid the price of justice for all human wrongdoing. redemption
Being sinless in the sight of God; also called "justification." righteousness
God has total power over the universe. omnipotent
Points of controversy submitted by Martin Luther as grounds for debate with the Roman Catholic Church in 1517 Ninety-five Theses
basic profession of faith for many Christian denominations, framed in a council held in Constantinople in 381 AD Nicene Creed
in Roman-ruled Judea, wealthy and priestly Jews Sadducees
Latin translation of the Bible by Jerome into the common language of the people vulgate
doctrines concerning the end of the world or the study of end times eschatology
The use of force and terror to eliminate heresies and non-believers in the Christian Church starting in the thirteenth century. Inquisition
In Christianity, the appearance of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary to tell her that she would bear Jesus, conceived by the Holy Spirit. Annunciation
The Muslim and Christian term for "nonbeliever," which each tradition often applies to the other. infidel
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