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Greek/Roman Gods

Greek Mythology

Greek God/GoddessGod of.../Roman name/orgin
Chaos -Matter without form
Gaia -(Earth) Goddess of Earth -Born from Chaos -Gives birth to Uranus, Mountains, and Sea
Tartarus Giant endless pit- Created by Chaos
Uranus -(Sky)God of the Sky -Born from Gaia and Marries Gaia -Castrated by his son Cronus and from his genitals-Aphrodite is born.
Hieros Gamos -Sacred Marriage of Uranus and Gaia
Titans -12 children born from Uranus and Gaia
Titaness Themis -Goddess of Justice
Titan Oceanus and Titaness Tethys -God and Goddess of the Sea -Brother and sister who marry -parents of the Oceanids(3,000 girls) and River Gods(3,000 boys)
Titan Hyperion -Lord of the Sun -Marries his sister Titaness Theia -Has 3 children: Selene, Eos, and Helios
Selene -Goddess of the Moon (born from Hyperion) -Drives a chariot w/ 2 horses, dragging the moon across the sky.
Eos -(Aurora)Goddess of the Dawn(born from Hyperion -Also drives a chariot across the sky -Falls in love w/ mortal Tithonus-granted immortality w/out eternal youth...
Helios -God of the Sun -Born from Hyperion -Also drives chariot across the sky, explaining why the sun goes from East to West
Titaness Mnemosyne -Goddess of Memory -1st girlfriend of Zeus -Bears Zeus 9 children: 'The Nine Muses'
Titan Cronus -(Saturn) God of the Sky -Marries Rhea -Castrates his father Uranus -Overthrown by his Son Zeus for eating his children(Zeus's brothers and sisters)
Titaness Rhea -Goddess of the Earth and Fertility -Cronus's Wife -Mother of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus
Zeus -(Jupiter) Ruler of the Universe -Supreme God of Sky, Mountains, Kings, Hospitality, Thunder and Lightening, Moral Behavior, Storerooms, and Orderliness -In Art: Bearded, Thunderbolt, Eagle
Titanomachy -WAR: Zeus VS. the Titans (Gaia wants control) -Battle where Zeus and the Olympians defeat Cronus and the Titans
Giantomachy -War: Zeus and the Olympians VS. the Giants (Giants created by Gaia)
Typhoeus -Snake Monster -Created by Gaia as last attempt to defeat Zeus -Zeus Won
Prometheus -Creator of Mankind -Son of Titaness Themis -Stole fire from the Gods to warm human race -Punished by Zeus; chained to a rock and his liver eaten by an eagle daily.
Pandora -Created by Zeus:She is the first Woman -Sent to Earth w/ a jar containing ALL that is evil/told not to open/ and she does.
Ganymede -Cupbearer of the Gods -Trojan prince kidnapped by Zeus -Zeus's male love affair
IO -Love affair of Zeus's -Zeus turns her into a cow after Hera suspects adultery
Metis -Goddess of Wisdom -Love affair w/ Zeus and is swallowed by him after becoming pregnant -Mother to Athena
Semele -Love affair w/ Zeus -Killed by Zeus's lightening bolt -Son: Dionysus is born from Zeus's leg
Europa -Love affair w/ Zeus -Taken by Zeus in the form of a Bull and rides off Crete -Son: King Minos of Crete
Hera -(Juno) Goddess of Marriage and Wives -Zeus's Wife -Symbols: Peacock, Cows, and Cuckoo bird -Children w/ Zeus: Hephaestus, Ares , Eileithyia, and Hebe
IO -Love affair w/ Zeus in the form of a mist -Suspicions by Hera, so Zeus turns her into a cow -Hera takes cow(Io) to be watched over by Argus -Rescued by Hermes after he bores Argus to death
Pan -God of the Shepards/forests -Goatlike Creature w/ horns and tail -Very bi-sexual and seduces animals
Hestia -(Vesta) Goddess of Fire and Hearth -Daughter of Cronus and Rhea -Zeus's Sister
Eileiytheia -Goddess of Childbirth(assists in childbirth) -Daughter of Zeus and Hera
Hebe -Cupbearer to the Gods(Replaced by Ganymede) -Daughter of Zeus and Hera -Marries Heracles on Mt. Olympus
Hephaestus -(Vulcan) God of fire and craftsmanship -Son of Zeus and Hera -Lame (poor legs) -Marries Aphrodite & catches her cheating w/ Ares
Eris -Goddess of Strike/Discord -Child of Nyx(night)
Nemesis -Goddess of Retribution/Fate (Evil pursuing fate) -Child of Nyx (night)
Tyche Goddess of Fortune and Chance
The Three Fates(Moirai) -Clotho, Lachesis, & Atropos -Spinners and Weavers of life's existence -Daughters of Zeus and Titaness Themis -Clotho spins thread(substance), Lachesis measures it(length), and Atropos cuts(ends)
The Nine(9) Muses -Patron Goddesses of Arts and Crafts -Daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne -Inspire others through each of their indivudual traits
Ares -(Mars) God of War -Represents worst aspects of war:bloodshed, fear, and death. -Son of Zeus and Hera -in Art: Has an entourage of pain, strife, & panic and wears a helmet -Father of Eros(cupid) w/ Aphrodite
Eros -(Cupid) God of Love -Always has wings & bows and arrows -Becomes younger w/ time- eventually an infant -Son of Aphrodite and Ares
Psyche -Falls in love with and Marries Eros -She disobeys contract of marriage and has a number of deeds to accomplish before gaining his love back(per Aphrodite)
Aphrodite -(Venus) Goddess of Love, Sex & Procreation, beauty and passion 'Fertility Goddess' -Marries Hephaestus but falls in love w/ Ares -In Art: Naked, washing herself, and seen w/ 3 Graces & Horae
Pripas -God of Fertility/ or phallic God of Gardens -Son of Aphrodite/father: Hermes, Zeus, or Pan? -Always has very large penis
The Three Graces -(or Charites) -Aphrodite's attendants
The Horae -The Hours/The Seasons -daughters of Zeus and Themis -Attendants to Aphrodite
Pygmalion - Sculpture who created ivory statue of Galatea -Aphrodite answered prayers- bringing her to life
Adonis -Resurrection God -Son of Cinyras and Myrrah (father and daughter); Born from a tree -Avid Hunter whom Aphrodite falls in love with -Gets attacked, dies, and from his blood sprung the first Anemone flower. -
Anchises -A mortal Trojan prince -Seduced by Aphrodite posing as a virgin mortal -Son w/ Aphrodite : Aeneas
Aphrodite Urania - Aphrodite born from Uranus's genitals -Represents sacred, spiritual side of love and passion
Aphrodite Pandemos - Aphrodite born from Zeus and Dione(female Zeus) -Represents the physical side(s) of satisfaction and attraction
Poseidon -(Neptune) God of the Sea, Horses, and Earthquakes -Son of Cronus and Rhea/ Brother to Zeus -Husband to Amphitrite (a Nereid) -Rides a chariot pulled by Hippocampuses, carries a trident, bearded, aquatic settings -
Titan Oceanus and Titaness Tethys -Titan Brother and sister who marry -Children of Uranus and Gaia -Parents to the Oceanids -Oceanus has crab-claw horns
Nereus -(Proteus)Old man of the sea -Foretells the future -Shapeshifter -Ruled the ocean before Poseidon - Father to the 50 Nereids
Thetis -A Nereid/ Daughter to Nereus -was destined to bear a child more powerful that Zeus -Zeus arranged a marriage to Peleus(although her has to 'catch' her) -Has a Son: Achillies
Triton -Trumpeter of the Sea -half man/ half fish -Son to Poseidon and Apmhitrite
Scylla -Female sea-monster -Human head and torso, serpent tail, and six dog heads -Multiple versions describing her transformation
Charybdis -Huge whirlpool in the straits of Messina(between Sicily and Italy) -Female...Scylla lurks -Sucks in innocent ships as they pass by
Athena -(Minerva)Goddess of War, crafts & arts, wisdom, and weaving *"Virgin Goddess" -Daughter to Zeus and Metis(Born from Zeus's head) -Creator of flute -In Art: Owl, wears head of Medusa, snakes in hand/or at feet, helmet/shield, Nike -Created olive tree
Pallas Athena -Athena's best friend was Pallas -Athena accidentally killed her during a mock battle -In memory Athena took on her name
Arachne -Athena challenged her to weaving contest -Arachne's weaving offended Athena- Therefore, Athena turned her into the first spider...forever weaving.
Marsayas -Satyr who found Athena's flute -Challenged Apollo to music contest -Apollo won and requested that Marsayas be skinned alive
Erechthonios/Erechtheus -Child born from the ground, after Hephaestus ejaculated on Athena -Athena gave baby to King Cecrops's daughters(wrapped in snakes) -The daughters jumped to the death- at the sight of the child
Nike - Goddess of Victory - Winged pixie -Helper to the Gods(often associated w/ Athena)
Artemis -(Diana) Virgin Goddess of Chasity, the Hunt, childbirth, moon and animals -Daughter of Zeus & Leto(Apollos-twin sister) -In art: Always clothed, bows & arrows, crescent moon on head, and with animals
Callisto -A nymph follower of Artemis -Raped by Zeus and was impregnated -Hid pregnancy from Artemis -when Artemis found out she was no longer a virgin- She turned her into a bear -Had a son: Arcas-also became a bear (hence the stars Ursa Major & Minor-Great
Actaeon -Avid Hunter who stumbled upon Artemis and ladies bathing in stream -Artemis peeved; turned him into a stag -Actaeon's hounds, smelling meat, then tore him apart
Niobe -Queen of Thebes who brags that she is superior to Leto/having 12 children to Leto's 2 -Angered: Artemis kills Niobe's 6 daughters and Apollo kills her 6 sons.
Hippolytus -Obsessed with Artemis -Shuns ALL women -Rejects Aphrodite and his stepmother(Phaedra-who commits suicide from shame) -And is cursed and dies
Hecate -Goddess of the moon, ghosts, witchcraft-all things dark -carries a torch -Given by Zeus the gift of having a part of heaven, earth, and the underworld/knows ALL -usually 3 women:Selene, Hecate, and Artemis
Apollo -God of the reason and intelligence, Sun, Light, Healing&Disease, Prophecy, Arts, and Civilization -in Art: naked,never bearded, lyar, hair rolled -Son of Zeus and Leto (sister Artemis-born @ Delos) ) -Associated w/ the 9 muses(supervisor)
Daphne -Apollo's obsession, she rejects him- calls to the river gods for help- and they turn her into a tree. (why Apollo wears a laurel branch in his hair)
Asclepius -Greek God of Medicine -Son of Apollo and Coronis - Can hear animals -Art: Snake-like Staff -Is killed by Zeus- for bringing back the dead
Hygeia -Asclepius's Daughter - Minor Goddess of Health and Cleanliness
King Midas -Grows donkey ears/ after disagreeing in music challenge w/ Apollo and Marsyas -Apollo is sentenced under Midas's supervision(for killing Zeus's cyclops)- And in return Apollo grants Midas a wish- "King of Gold"
Hermes -(Mercury) God of Boundaries, thieves & tricksters, shepherds & cowards, and travelers 'Messenger of the Gods' -Son of Zeus and Maia -Stole Apollos cattle/kills Argus -Child: Hermaphroditus -winged sandl;es, travelers hat, serpent staff
Herm -Boundary marker associated w/ Hermes
Dionysus -(Bacchus)God of the grape/wine, madness, music, ecstasy -Son of Zeus and Semele (born from Zeus's leg) -Associated w/ grapes/vines/leopards, masks -Married to Ariadne/ Holds a kantharos
Maenads -Followers of Dionysus who hunt and nurse small animals -Brings Hepthesus back to Mt. olympus
Silenus -Godfather/Tutor/ Mentor to Dionysus
Satyrs -Half Human/Half ass- tails, donkey ears -Chase Maenads -Love music
Teiresias -Blind Prophet
Demeter -(Ceres)Goddess of everything that grows and agriculture - daughter of Cronus and Rhea -Persephonea is her daughter/kidnapped
Triptolemus/Demophoon - Baby boy whose nurse is Demeter -Demeter burns baby every night to rid the Mortal
Eleusunian Mysteries -A cult in which one can only be initiated into- a process of becoming dean and then cleansed
Baubo -Makes Demeter 'Laugh' by her perverted acts
Thesmophoria -Ritual for married women Day 1- throw pigs and penises into fire pit Day 2- Mock one another day 3- Retrieve burnt pigs and penises, give to men to fertilize fields
Hades (Pluto) God of the Underworld -Kidnapps Persephone and marries her -
Hypnos and Thantos -Sleep and Death (brothers)
Cerberus -Hellhound'- Guard of the gates - 3 headed dog
The Furies Punished people who killed their mothers
Erinyes/Ker -Cause of one's death and suffering
Charon -Ferryman of the Dead
River Styx -Passage way to the underworld
River Lethe After River Styx- you reached River Lethe and drank from it to forget your past
Elysian Fields -Where the 'good' go to die
Sisyphsus -outwitted death -Punishment to roll rock uphill for eternity
Tantalus -Fed the gods his son -punished by being tantalized for eternity with thirst and hunger
Danaids -50 daughters who killed their husbands -Punished by having to refill water forever
Created by: Anniemal
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