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WR--Islam #1

DSST World Religions

Allah. The one God, in Islam.
angel. In Islamic traditions, an invisible servant of God. Gabriel is said to have served as a messenger between Allah and Mohammed to bring him the visions and the Koran
hajj The holy pilgrimage to Mecca, for Muslims.
hijab The veiling of women for the sake of modesty in Islam.
infidel. The Muslim term for "nonbeliever," which each tradition often applies to the other.
Muezzin In Islam, one who calls the people to prayer from a high place.
Shari'ah. The divine law, in Islam.
Shi'ite. The minority branch of Islam, which feels that Muhammad's legitimate successors were 'Ali and a series of Imams; a follower of this branch.
Sunni. A follower of the majority branch of Islam, which feels that successors to Muhammad are to be chosen by the Muslim community.
ummah. The Muslim community.
Five Pillars of Islam The principal duties every Muslim must carry out: the profession of faith in the one God, daily prayer, charitable giving, fasting during Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca.
jihad a holy war in defense of Islam and the personal struggle within oneself to lead a godly life
Night Journey the Prophet Muhammad’s supernatural journey across the sky from Mecca to Jerusalem from where he ascended into heaven and into the presence of Allah.
Ramadan The Islamic holy month during which the Prophet Muhammad received God’s revelation. Muslims do not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset.
Shahadah “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.” Saying this in Arabic with the intent of becoming a Moslem immediately makes a person a member of the Umma
Abraham Considered to be the first Moslem, the first person to submit himself to Allah. According to moslem belief, he and his son Ishmael built the Kaba and established the practice of Hajj.
Almsgiving one of the Five Pillars of Islam, by which Islam strives for an economic justice. It is an obligatory "poor tax" between 2-10%. It purifies the giver and the remainder of his wealth. It is envisioned as a loan to Allah, who will repay it double.
People of the Book Christians & Jews
Dome of the Rock the shrine in Jerusalem which makes Jerusalem the third holiest city in Islam. It is set over an outcropping of bedrock on which the Holy of Holies of the Jewish Temple rested. It is from here that Mohammed rose into heaven on his Night Journey.
Friday Mosque On Friday, Moslems are expected to gather in community prayer at noon. This is usually done in this large, centrally located mosque
Imam (1) In Sunni Islam, the leader of worship in a mosque. (2) In Shiite Islam, a spiritual leader whose authority comes from Mohammed through his son-in-law Ali.
Ishmael The son of Abraham, He is a prophet, and assisted Abraham in building the Kaba. He is seen as the most important of Abraham's two sons; in the story about Abraham almost sacrificing his son, Islam identifies the son as him, not Isaac.
Islam The religion which focuses on the human submission to Allah. The term itself derives from two different roots, one which means "submission" and the other which means "peace."
Jerusalem The third most holy city in Islam. Mohammed's night visit to heaven began from the ruined Temple Mount. In 691, Moslems built the Dome of the Rock over that specific location.
Jesus considered an important prophet who came to deliver Allah's message to humanity. Unfortunately, that message was not transmitted accurately and resulted in the false notion that He was more than a prophet.
Kaba It is in the center of a large mosque in Hajj and serves as the center of the Moslem world and all Moslems pray towards it, where ever they may be in the world.
Koran According to Moslem belief, Allah composed it and had his angel Gabriel transmit it. It is the direct words of Allah, it provides God's final revelation.
Mecca This is the town where Mohammed was born. the most holy site in Islam (followed by Medina and Jerusalem) and the destination of the Hajj.
Medina Mohammed governed this town until his death in 632. Since Mohammed was buried here, it is considered the second most holy city in Islam, after Mecca.
Minaret a tower attached to a mosque from which the muezzin issues the call to prayer. Although the tower can be any shape, it is typically round.
Mohammed born in Mecca in 570 CE. In 610, he sought out and began to have visions from Allah. He is the last of a long line of prophets of Allah and has been given the title of the Seal of the Prophets.
Moslem, Muslim A person who practices Islam. Literally, “submitter” (one who submits to the will of God);
Prophets Adam, Abraham, Ishmael, David, and Jesus who delivered Allah's message, but it was corrupted or shortened.
Mosque a Muslim place of worship
Created by: pinetreeacademy
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