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VTHT1217 Ch12 review

interacting with a grieving client

what is euthanasia? comes from greek term eu meaning good and thanatos meaning death. refers to an easy and painless death.
why is quality of life important? quality of life is the enjoyable aspect of life. a quality of life scale helps owners make an objective decision about a very personal thing.
what are the 5 stages of grief? explain each one. denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. denial is a coping mechanism to help the mind deal with bad news. anger can include blaming staff; bargaining is a way to keep hope alive; and acceptance is once they realize only time will heal.
why is the human-animal bond so strong? its an emotional bond that forms as a benefit to both human and animal.
In what ways can a pet be memorialized? clay paw print, rainbow bridge, tuft of fur, donation in honor of the pet, engraved tile in the practice, flowers, sympathy card
how should a pet be presented to an owner after it has been euthanized? ashes should be easily ready to return and properly labeled to make the process as easy as possible for the owner.
what drug is in euthanasia solution? barbituate
how does this drug affect the body? causes the heart to stop beating and respiration to cease.
how can a team prevent the wrong ashes from being sent home with an owner? make sure the urn is properly and clearly labeled
why must euthanasia release form be signed by the owner? it protects the practice should the client state it was not authorized
Created by: kcrabtree507