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VTHT Ch 11 review

client communication and customer service

Why are verbal and written skills imperative in veterinary medicine? its important that clients fully understand procedures that are being performed on their pets and educated in proper care of their pets and all of this needs to be relayed in a professional manner.
What is client compliance and how can it be achieved? Client compliance is defined as the number or percentage of clients who accept recommendations made by the vet health care team. It can be acheived through excellent service, verbal and written communication, reminders and recalls, marketing, education
What are the benefits of a reminder system? gets clients into the practice to generate business, helpful reminder to clients and makes them want to stay as clients, gets animals the care they need.
Create an example that can enhance client education A dental report card is client education. Educates clients on the stages of dental disease and how to care for their pet's teeth
What would be an appropriate body stance when addressing clients? head up, straight posture, and shoulders back
Why is body posture important? portrays confidence and skill
How should an angry client be handled? In a side room, away from other patients in a calm manner
How can common barriers be overcome? listening to the client helps overcome many barriers. Empathy, understanding cultural differences,
why are estimates important? aka treatment plans. major part of client communication and are the most common complaint for state board investigators. detail what will be done to the pet and how much it will cost.
How can individual verbal image be improved? role playing helps improve verbal image
The portion of a message that involves facial expressions is: a. verbal b. paraverbal c. nonverbal d. written c. nonverbal
If a listener receives a confusing message, which portion of the message will they rely on for a better understanding? a. verbal b. paraverbal c. nonverbal d. written c. nonverbal
The percentage of clients who accept a recommendation is known as? a. compliance b. retention c. turnover d. quantity a. compliance
Client education should be available in which of the following forms? a. web page b. printed materials c. verbal education d. models and videos e. all of the above e. all of the above
Which team member should present treatment plans to clients? a. veterinarians b. receptionists c. veterinary technicians d. b and c d. b and c
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