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National FFA Organization address 6060 FFA Drive Indianapolis, IN
National FFA organization Headquarters US Dept of Ed 550 12th St SE Washington DC 20202
National FFA Headquarters 1410 King Street Alexandria, VA
What year was FFA manual available online 2013
Online FFA manual will be updated when Twice a year and will serve as the official version of the manual
How many bullets under to accomplish the FFA mission 11
FFA mission Premier leadership, personal growth, and career success
Ag Ed Mission Ag Ed prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fibe, and natural resource system
FFA misison precepts Comonents of premier leadership, personal growth, and career success
What is "The Council" National council for Ag Ed- establish high quality ag ed programs in american schools.
How many organizations make up the council 10
Heart of the organization local level
How many area of SAE's 4- Entrepreneurship, placement, Agriscience research and experimentation, exploratory
Included as part of each type of SAE program are: Improvement projects and supplemental skill development
How many areas under POA 3- student, chapter, and community
Where did NFA start Virginia
When did NFA and FFA merge 1965
What 3 individuals start the organization GW Owens and JR Thomas and DR. HO Sargent
NFA First conference held at Tuskagee, Ala August 1935
NFA Convention? Use to alternate between land grant colleges but later held every year in Atlanta Georgia
NFA creed had how many paragrphs 6 they started with I Believe
NFA emblem vs FFA emblem NFA- cotton boll and FFA ear of corn
NFA colors Black and Gold
National NFA week April 5 birthday of Booker T Washington
NFA award HO sargent award- young man who had been out of school from 3-10 year and was established in farming
First National NFA President David Simmons, Alabama
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