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Intro, Equipment

Intro, Equipment - VTT 234

What is the centrifuge used for? To separate substances of different densities, that are in a solution.
When solid and liquid components are present in the sample, the liquid portion is called? Supernatant
When solid and liquid components are present in the sample, the solid portion is called? Sediment
Name two types of centrifuges. Hematocrit and Clinical
Name two types of clinical centrifuge heads? Horizontal (also known as "swing arm") and Angled
Incorrect loading can cause damage to what? Instrument and to the operator.
What is a refractometer used to measure? The refractive index of a solution.
What is Refraction? The bending of light rays as they pass from one medium (like air) into another medium (urine,..) with a different optical density.
What do you use to calibrate a refractometer to zero? Distilled water
Total protein will be a number between? 1-10
Specific gravity is always? A decimal (1.000 - 1.070)
Most chemistry analyzers used in veterinary practice utilize what? Photometry, electrochemistry
What is designed to measure the amount of light transmitted through a solution? Spectrophotometer
Electrochemical methods are usually used for the evaluation of? Electrolytes
Chemical analyzers are designed with specific electrodes that are configured to allow interaction with how many ions? One
What does OSHA stand for? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
What safety equipment does OSHA say needs to be available? Eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, spill kits, biohazard containers, protective gloves
What are some benefits of a hematology analyzer? Reduced labor, more complete, accurate, improvement of data reliability
Instrumentation methods include: Impedance analyzer, laser-based analyzer, QBC systems
What is an Impedance Analyzer? A passage of current across two electrodes, separated by a glass tube with a small opening or aperture.
Impedance analyzers are calibrated to? Count the cells based on their size.
What does QBC stand for? Quantitative Buffy Coat system
How does the Quantitative Buffy Coat system work? It uses differential centrifugation & estimation of cellular elements by measurements on an expanded buffy coat layer, in a specialized microhematocrit tube.
What are the common measurements in the metric system? Length (Meter "m"), Mass (Gram "g"), Volume (Liter "L")
What is a hematocrit centrifuge for? Designed to only hold microhematocrit tubes.
What is a clinical centrifuge for? Accomodates test tubes of many different sizes. There are 2 types, depending on the style of the head. Horizontal and Angled
What is the angle of specimen tubes in an angled centrifuge? Usually 52°
What are laser-based analyzers? Uses laser beams to determine the size and density of the cells, and evaluates the nuclear and cytoplasmic features of a cell.
What is the daily maintenance requirement for electronic cell counters? Flushing the entire system with cleaning solution & fresh diluting solution to keep the aperture open, wiped down, rebooting, intake fan cleaned out.
Incubators must be capable of sustaining a constant temperature of....? 37° C
What is accuracy? How closely results agree with the true value of the constituent.
What is precision? The magnitude of random errors and the reproducibility of measurements.
What is reliability? The ability of a method to be both accurate and precise.
What does OSHA mandate in laboratory practice safety policies? Safety equipment and supplies must be available.
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