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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 AP World History Test

Europe Countries With Trading Posts (West Africa) Portuguese & Dutch, British, French
African Products They Traded (West Africa) Palm oil, hides, feathers, ivory and rubber
Who competed for West Africa (West Africa) England & France
African Reaction to European Presence (West Africa) Fierce Resistance
Which Country Remained Independent? (West Africa) Liberia
Which Country wanted control of this area? (Central Africa) Belgium
ID Leopold II (Central Africa) King of Belgium
Describe Leopold's Rule of the Congo (Central Africa) Worst example of imperialism. Extract wealth. Exploit. Uprooted Africans. Destruction.
Who competed for East Africa? (East Africa) England & Germany
Dutch (Southern Africa) 1652 founded Cape Town. Known as Boers.
English (Southern Africa) Took control of Cape Colony in early 1800's
Boers (Southern Africa) Dutch Descendants, Spoke african, and moved to Three colonies
Three colonies (Southern Africa) Natal, Transvaal & Orange Free State
Zulu (Southern Africa) Native Bantu People. Leader Shaka. Lost to Europe.
What intensified competition for the area (Southern Africa) Gold & Diamonds
Cecil Rhodes controlled (Southern Africa) South Africa-Rhodesia
Created by: 00ranafa