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Chapter 18

Chapter 18 AP World History Test

Jethro Tull (Agricultural Revolution) Seed Drill; Horse Drawn Cultivator
Charles Townshend (Agricultural Revolution) Crop Rotation System
Robert Ransome (Agricultural Revolution) Iron Plow In 3 Parts
John Kay (Textile Revolution) Flying Shuttle
James Hargreaves (Textile Revolution) Spinning "Jenny"
Edmund Cartwright (Textile Revolution) Water Powered Loom
Samuel Crompton (Textile Revolution) Spinning Mule
John McAdam (Transportation Revolution) Macadam Roads
George Stephenson (Transportation Revolution) Locomotive
Robert Fulton (Transportation Revolution) Inland Steamboat
Thomas Newcomen (Transportation Revolution) Steam Engine
James Watt (Transportation Revolution) Steam Engine (improved)
William Kelly (Iron and Steel Revolution) Process of Steelmaking
Henry Bessemer (Iron and Steel Revolution) developed the first process for manufacturing steel inexpensively
Alessandro Volta (Communication Revolution) First Battery
Andre Ampere (Communication Revolution) Electric Current
Samuel Morse (Communication Revolution) Morse Code/Telegraph
Cyrus Field (Communication Revolution) Extended Undersea cables under the sea
Created by: 00ranafa