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VTHT1217 Ch 4 review

Why are ethics important to the veterinary profession? They challenge veterinarians to determine right from wrong. Ethics protect the interest and integrity of the practice itself and provides a professional image.
Why is an informed consent imperative? it protects the veterinary hospital from liability and it also educates clients fully on the treatment and procedures.
Why would a consent form by upheld in court? if the consent was given freely, and treatment and diagnosis was given in understandable terms. Risks, benefits, prognosis (if no treatment is given), statement of alternative treatments or procedures and risks, benefits and costs of alternative treatment
What branch of law does animal abuse fall under? Criminal law
What is PLIT? Whom does it cover? Professional liability insurance trust. It covers the veterinarian, techs, and support staff.
Why is medical record legibility important? medical records are legal documents and protect the veterinarian from malpractice. illegible medical records could be interpreted as professional incompetence.
Which association created the principles of Veterinary Medical ethics? a.AVMA b.NAVTA c.VHMA d. PLIT a. AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association
What does the acronym VCPR stand for? a. Veterinary-client public record b. Veterinarian-client-patient relationship c. Veterinary cardiac pulmonary resuscitation d. veterinary conduct and professional responsibilities b. Veterinarian-client-patient relationship
Which of the following are considered a branch of veterinary ethics? a. normative b. descriptive c. administrative d. official e. all of the above The 4 branches are: descriptive, official, administrative and normative
What two categories are law divided into? a. civil and federal b. criminal and common c. criminal and civil d. federal and criminal c. criminal and civil
What is the correct definition of an intentional tort? an intentional action that has taken place in which harm has occurred to another member of society.
Created by: kcrabtree507