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Food and Fiber Final

Final - VTT 222

What is drenching? Giving liquid medications to cattle, orally.
What is a frick speculum? A metal tube used for intubation of cows.
What is a heifer? Adult female bovine that hasn't calved yet.
What is eructation? Getting rid of methane gas or carbon dioxide, "burping".
What is tail jacking? Lifting the tail straight up.
Scour calves are often present with....? Diarrhea and dehydration.
What are typical signs of anthrax? Bleeding from the orifices and the absence of rigor mortis.
Passage of a stomach (rumen) tube may stimulate....? Regurgitation
Is there danger of being struck by an animal's head while in a head catch? Yes
Most immediate need of a newborn calf is....? Open airways
The position calves are normally delivered in? Anterior presentation ("head-diving")
Rumenocentesis is performed through the.....? Left lower abdominal wall
Abdominocentesis is performed through the....? Right ventral abdominal wall
Where should blood samples from the coccygeal (tail) vein be drawn from? Ventral aspect of the tail, in the proximal third of the tail.
What is the term for the hairs at the end of a tail? Switch
Does it take time for intramammary antibiotic residue to clear from the milk? Yes
Which stage (1, 2, or 3) of birth involves expulsion of the fetus? 2nd
What is the primary risk factor for the development of neonatal bacterial septicemia in calves? Failure of passive transfer of antibodies from the dam
What vein is most likely to form a hematoma? Subcutaneous abdominal vein
Where are bovine tested for tuberculosis? Caudal tail fold
Ruminants are ____ (more or less) sensitive to xylazine than horses. More
What bacteria causes bovine pinkeye? Moraxella bovis
Gut closure in calves occurs _________ after birth. 18-24 hours
Bovine rhinotracheitis is also called _________. Red nose
What is a paralytic disease following partruition associated with a lack of serum calcium? Parturient paresis
What occurs in calves of dams that are selenium deficient during gestation? Nutritional myopathy
What is a metabolic disorder characterized by low levels of magnesium in blood serum? Grass tetany
What can occur when feeding high carbohydrates that change gut flora and pH? Rumen acidosis
What occurs in young animals with deficiencies in calcium, phosphorous and/or vitamin D? Rickets
What has clinical signs of ear twitching, teeth grinding, frothy salivation, staggering, bellowing, and terminal spasms? Urea toxicity
What is caused by fermented milk in calf rumens? Indigestion
The normal heart rate of a cow is _________ bpm. 48-84
Milk fever is treated with I.V. _____________. Calcium
_____________ is potentially spread in non-pasteurized milk. Brucellosis
The two types of bloat are _____ and _________. Gas and frothy
Bovines have an estrus cycle of around ___ days, but are only receptive for 18 hours. 24
Ruminants can break down ____________ with the assistance of bacteria. Cellulose
What hormone maintains pregnancy? Progesterone
What teeth are considered fighting teeth in camelids? Canines and upper incisors
The "T" in the CDT vaccine stands for ____________. Tetanus toxoid
What nematode produces small numbers of large eggs? Nematodirus
What is the intermediate host of fasciola hepatica? Snails
High neck venipuncture of a camelid ________ the chances of getting arterial blood. Increases
Premature crias are born before _____ days. 335
To prevent angular limb deformities in the northwest, treat camelids with vitamin __________. A and D
The normal temperature for a camelid is ________. 99-101.5°
The normal heart rate for a camelid is around ______ bpm. 60-80
The normal respiration rate for a camelid is ____. 30-40
What is the term for a castrated porcine (pig) post puberty? Barrow
A mature male pig is called what? Boar
What is a female pig that has not had a litter called? Gilt
A male pig that is in tact but immature is called a ______. Shoat
_________ hogs are black with a white belt. Hampshire
Fluid therapy in pigs can be given ___. Intraperitoneal (IP)
Can antibiotics cure PRRS (Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus) disease? No
Most injectable preanesthetic drugs are given _____ in swine. IM
What is the preferred recovery position for swine? Sternal
What is a red swine breed? Duroc
The cranial vena cava is accessed from the _____ side of the neck. Right
The tusks of a pig are the _________ teeth. Canine
What is the normal temperature of a pig? 101-103.5°
The normal heart rate of a pig is _______. 60-90
A pig respiratory rate should be _______. 10-24
How many days is the gestation of a pig? 114 (3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days)
The interval between delivery of piglets is _____ minutes. 16
Pigs must nurse within ___ minutes of birth. 30
Rumen bacteria synthesize vitamin ___. K
Ruminants synthesize their own vitamin __. C
Another name for contagious ecthyma is....? Orf
What is the treatment for CAE? There isn't any.
What is the temperature of an adult sheep? 102-104°
What is a normal sheep heart rate? 70-90
What is the respiratory rate of sheep? 12-25
Campylobacter fetus causes ________. Vibriosis
Clostridium Type B is also called....? Lamb dysentery
To detect swine pregnancy, a _____________________ is usually done. Transabdominal ultrasound
Erisipelothrix rhusiopathiae causes swine __________. Erysipelas
Is grasping a goat by the horns, an acceptable form of head restraint? No
Is dehorning of goats rare? No
What must goats be provided access to? To be able to browse and forbs.
What is a castrated male sheep called? Whether
What's an intact male goat called? Buck
What goat has two white stripes down it's face called? Toggenburg
Diarrhea within the first few days of a lamb's life is usually caused by...? Escherichia coli
What is the most common location for venous sampling of caprine and ovine? Jugular
Which animals can be "set-up"? Sheep, goats, small cattle
What breed of sheep is used mostly for meat? Suffolk
What breed of goat has no external ears? La Mancha
What breed of goat is all white? Saanen
Placing ewes on a higher plane of nutrition prior to the breeding season is called....? Flushing
Normal gestation for goats lasts approximately...? 150 days
What is the genus and species of domestic sheep? Ovis aries
What is the genus and species of domestic goat? Capra hircus
What is the genus and species of the domestic cow? Bos taurus
What type of reproductive cycle do bovines have? Polyestrus
How long does bovine gestation last on average? 280 days
The gross appearance of the capsular surface of the normal bovine kidney is.....? Multilobulated
What one thing do A.I. semen extenders not do? Extend the time of ejaculation.
Why is A.I. good practice? It decreases disease.
Normal bovines should have how many rumen contractions per minute? 1-2
Pinkeye is also known as...? Infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis
How many compartments does a llama's stomach have? 3
Are coccidia a concern for camelids? No
Do camelids breathe through both their nose and mouth? No
At what age should male llamas be castrated? 2 years old
Is pseudorabies a reportable disease? Yes
What is the most common method of identifying swine? Ear notching
What is the preferred age for castration for swine? Before 2 weeks old.
A piglet diagnosed with baby pig thumps is deficient of....? Iron
The use of animal protein sources derived from ruminant species is not allowed in any rations to prevent the possible transmission of....? BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) aka "Mad Cow Disease"
Lambs must receive colostrum within....? The first hour of birth.
Which animal may develop copper toxicity? Sheep
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