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Urinary Catheters

Urinary Catheters - VTT 226

What are urinary catheters used for? Bacterial culture, urinalysis, time interval tests (glucose, water deprivation), infuse contrast media
Contraindications for urinary catheters? Introducing bacteria, cause urethral trauma, cause bladder trauma, patient discomfort
Types of catheters? Foley, Red Rubber, Polypropylene, Tom Cat
What are benefits of a Foley catheter? Extremely flexible, long term use, secure with inflatable balloon, graduated end to secure to a syringe
What are Tom Cat catheters used for? Commonly used to "unblock" male cats. Open or close ended. Come with winged attachment for securing to the prepuce.
Catheter supplies? Catheter, sterile lube, gloves, +/- speculum, +/- stylet, syringes & tubes, closed collection system
What is Closed Collection? An empty, sterilized IV fluid bag. Gravity pulls urine out of the bladder, into the catheter and then into the bag.
What is Urinary Catheter care? Flush and remove 10mL sterile saline every 2-4 hours. Measure and empty collection bag every 24 hours. Note colour, turbidity and amount. Check site where catheter has been secured for irritation.
What are benefits of a Polypropylene like? Semi-flexible, most rigid of all the listed catheters, common to use smaller sizes as a stylet in more flexible catheters for placement only.
What are benefits of a Red Rubber catheter? More rigid than a Foley, but still pretty flexible. They have graduated ends to attach to syringe or closed collection line.
For placement of a female dog urinary catheter, what should be used on the speculum? Xylocaine infused lubricant
Created by: PimaVT