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DU PA Thyroid

Duke PA Thyroid

the thyroid has a __ day reserve supply of thyroxine 50
the thyroid synthesizes __ mcg of thyroxine per day 100
thyroid hormone synthesis requires a minimum of __mcg of elemental iodine/day 60
recommended daily intake of elemental iodine __mcg 150
in the thyroid thyroglobulin is stored in __ folicles
severe illness or starvation decreases total T3, and free T3
__ is increased by estrogen, decreased by androgen TBG
imaging modality used to monitor thyroid cancers PET scan
What can a thyroid do overact, under-perform, enlarge
weight loss, heat intolerance, palpitations/tachycardia hyperthyroid history
weight gain, fatigue, lethargy, cold intolerance hypothyroid history
rapid pulse, onycholysis, exopthalmos, thyroid enlargement, bruit, tachycardia, brisk DTR relaxation phase hyperthyroid examination
bradycardia, dry skin and hair, periorbital edema, delayed DTR relaxation phase hypothyroid examination
exopthalmos is seen only in __ Graves Disease
Etiology: Auto-antibody reacting with the TSH receptor.Symmetric non-tender goiter (80%) (bruit is pathognomonic), Ocular findings (30%), Pretibial myxedemaexam: Graves Disease
medical treatment for Graves Disease PTU, Methimazole, Beta-blocker (propranolol, or atenolol)
no increased cancer risk after 50 years of __ use radioactive iodine
favorable prognosticators for remission small goiter, free T3 predominance, negative TSI titer, decrease in goiter size with thionomide therapy
toxic nodule can lead to what type of fingernail pathology onycholysis
when the finger nail peels away from the nail bed in the absence of trauma onycholysis
Thyroid hormone leakage from destruction of the thyroid gland secondary to a viral infection (? Mumps), pain in the thyroid, fever, enlarged, very tender thyroid gland subacute thyroiditis
Transient autoimmune dysfunction, sudden onset of hyperthyroidism, can be seen post-partum, enlarged, nodular thyroid silent thyroiditis
Pre-existing untreated or inadequately treated thyrotoxicosis, Precipitating event: infection, trauma,fever, profuse sweating, tachycardia, tremulousness/restlessness, delirium/psychosis, N/V, later stupor, coma, hypotension Thyrotoxic Crisis (Thyroid Storm)
Insufficient amount of thyroid hormone, elevated TSH, hypometabolic, increased cholesterol hypothyroidism
__ hypothyroidism, loss of functioning thyroid tissue primary
__ hypothyroidism- impairment of hormone biosynthesis with compensatory thyroid enlargement, lithium therapy, iodine deficiency or excess goitrous
__ hypothyroidism- lack of TSH, pituitary or hypothalamic failure central
thyroxine therapy dose is constant except with __, at which time the dose is increased by at least 50% pregnancy
thyroxine therapy dose is constant except with __, at which time the dose is decreased by 20-30% age greater than 65
thyroxine therapy dose is constant except with __ menopause
side effects of thyroxine therapy osteoporosis, increased cardiac contractility, increased risk of atrial fibrillation, allergic reaction to dy in tablets
general term for enlargement of the thyroid gland goiter
diffuse or nodular enlargement of the thyroid gland that does not result from an inflammatory or neoplastic process and is not associated with abnormal thyroid function nontoxic goiter
-- thyroid enlargement that occurs in more than 10% of a population endemic goiter
result of environmental or genetic factors that do not affect the general population sporadic goiter
__% of the world’s population lives in a region that has iodine deficiency (primarily in Asia, Latin American, central Africa, and regions of Europe) 29
treatment for thyroid carcinoma thyroidectomy by experienced surgeon
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