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VTHT1217 Ch21 Review

Safety in the Veterinary Practice

what is a zoonotic disease? a disease that may be directly or indirectly transmitted to humans wild or domesticated animals.
how should an animal heavier than 40lbs be lifted onto a table? with two team members
What is OSHA? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration ensures employee safety.
What is the right to know poster? poster informing employees of their rights for safety. must be displayed in clear view.
What is an SDS? safety data sheets; fact lists for chemicals and provide important information related to hazards
What is the purpose of PPE? protects employees from hazards
When does OSHA Form 300A have to be posted? February 1st - April 30th
What is an eyewash station? part of the safety program; used to clean out chemicals or foreign objects from eyes.
what is a biohazard material? a needle, glass or sharp object that is contaminated with vaccinations, pathogens, or human blood and must be disposed of in a leak proof container. the container must be incinerated by an approved company
What are some hazardous chemicals used in veterinary practice? chemotherapeutic agents, anesthetic gases, formaldehyde, and glutaraldehyde
Under OSHA guidelines, employees are responsible for which of the following: a. read the right to know poster b. order PPE for the practice c. train fellow team members on the use of PPE d. document conditions in which PPE must be used d. document conditions in which PPE must be used
If an OSHA inspector arrives at the hospital, which of the following should be exercised? a. introduce the inspector to the safety officer b. allow the inspection to proceed without a team member c. hide violations from the staff a. introduce the inspector to the safety officer
Which of the following contribute to the majority of fires in the veterinary practice? a. paper files stacked up to the ceiling b. blankets next to a furnace c. overloaded electrical outlets d. heating units left unattended c. overloaded electrical outlets
back injuries can be classified as which type of injury? a. physical b. biohazard c. caustic d. ergonomic d. ergonomic
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