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VTHT 1217 Ch2 review

The receptionist team

Why are health certificates required? health certificates ensure pets are healthy and cut down on the spread of disease
what makes the first impression on clients? initial phone call and the receptionist area
what information should not be given to clients over the phone? medical advice
how can a phone shopper be turned into a client? a knowledgeable receptionist, polite and unhurried.
how should a declined credit card be handled? politely and discreetly inform client of declined card and offer credit if practice offers that service. Also offer CareCredit. Do not judge client based on the interaction.
why should invoices be reviewed with clients, not just given to them? it allows the client to understand the value of services rendered and not be shocked by the price, which can help keep the client.
How many components does the human voice contain? a. 2 b. 6 c. 4 d. 3 c. 4
which of the following is a proper phone introduction? a. "Hello, this is Brooke, how can I help you?" b. Good Morning, ABC Animal Clinic, this is Theresa. How may I help you?" c. "ABC Veterinary Clinic, Can I help you?" B
When should the receptionist reconcile the transactions to ensure they are all correct? a. daily at the the end of the day b. weekly c. daily at the beginning of the following day d. as needed a. daily at the end of the day
What is the purpose of requiring owners to sign consent forms? a. to ensure the owner is understanding of why they are leaving their pet b.to protect practices and team members from any issues that may arise c.to satisfy state law d.all of the above B
Created by: kcrabtree507