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VTHT 1217 Ch 2 terms

The receptionist team

anesthetic release form a form signed by the client accepting risks associated with surgical and treatment procedures
client patient information sheet a sheet that is filled out by the client, requesting client contact information, along with patient data.
debit transactions transactions paid with a credit card that is linked to the customer's checking account
deposit placing or transferring funds into a savings or checking account
end-of-day reconciliation the process required to close the business books at the end of the day;cash, credit cards and check must balance with the computer generated report.
etiquette the rules that society has set for the proper way to behave in dealing with other people.
euthanasia release form the owner's consent to perform euthanasia
international health certificates an official letter stating that an animal appears healthy for international travel
intrastate health certificates
liability obligations resulting from past transactions that require the practice to pay money or provide service. accounts payable and taxes are examples of current liabilities
master problem list a list placed in the front of a client record indicating all of the diseases, conditions, medications and vaccinations a patient has had.
medical records daily written reports by veterinarians and technicians on each animal that is treated. records must be legible and complete.
petty cash cash that is held on the premises for purchasing miscellaneous items that may be needed for business; examples include pizza for the staff, special lunch meat for picky patient or cat litter
privacy act of 1974 no agency shall disclose any record which is contained in a system of records by any means of communication to any person or to another agency, except pursuant to a written request by or with the prior written consent the individual
rabies certificates a certificate that provides proof of vaccination for rabies
rabies neutralizing antibody titer titer levels in response to a rabies vaccination
reception area the area of the practice that welcomes clients and provides a comfortable seating area while they wait to be seen by the vet
role playing a training technique that simulates situations and allows the proper response to be practiced.
species a basic unit of biological classification and a taxonomic rank
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