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Sheep and Goats

Sheep and Goat Quiz - VTT 222

What is the Genus of sheep? Ovis
What is the Genus of goats? Capra
What is the Family for both sheep and goats? Bovidae
Species name for domestic sheep? Ovis aries
Species name for domestic goats? Capra hircus
What does "lambing" mean? Sheep giving birth
What does "kidding" mean? Goat giving birth
Sheep TPR readings: Temp: 102.5° F HR: 70-90 bpm RR: 12-25/min
Goat TPR readings: Temp: 102° F HR: 70-90 bpm RR: 15-30/min
How much water do goats and sheep drink daily? 1-1.5 gallons
What is the Sheep and Goat Dental Formula? 2(I 0/3 C 0/1 P 3/3 M 3/3) = 32
Has medium wool, used for meat, and is the most popular pure breed worldwide. Has a black face. Suffolk
What sheep breed does not produce lanolin? Katahdin
What is the most used natural fiber for fabrics? Wool
Wool that is <19 micron from any breed of goat is called what? Cashmere
Oldest known dairy goat breed, distinct white markings on ears face and legs, best for cooler climates, high milk production Toggenburg
All-purpose goat ; Meat, milk, and hide. All color patterns, ears are long and wide, good in hot conditions, not a heavy milk producer. Nubian
Dairy goat with high butterfat, developed in Oregon, good temperament, hardy, Ears are distinct 2 types, "gopher ear" and "elf ear". La Mancha
What is Mohair? A strong fiber that is elastic, smooth and takes to dye well, super soft!
South African origin, used for meat, lop ears and a distint white body with red head, twinning is common. Boer
Which goat breed has an extended breeding season allowing 3 kiddings every 2 years? Boer
Which goat breed was originally called the Cameroon Dwarf? Pygmy
How do you prevent goats from climbing and jumping out of enclosures? With a 6 foot fence, electric works well, secure doors and gates
Lambing and kidding pens should be? Warm, dry and draft-free with heat lamps.
Housing for small ruminants require: Windbreak in the cooler months and shade or shelter from the sun in the warmer months.
Dairy goat housing requires: Free-stall housing to freely move between the resting, eating, and milking areas.
Why must there be good ventilation in the pens/enclosures? To avoid ammonia build-up.
Why is adequate feeder space required for goats? Due to their social hierarchy and aggressiveness.
Why are dairy goats managed more intensely like dairy cows? They have a higher nutritional requirement for milk production.
What should you feed sheep and goats? Good hay, Grains and Concentrates (Barley, oats and wheat, etc..) free-choice salt and mineral supplements
Inadequate nutrition during the last trimester can cause? Lambing problems, low wool output, and decreased milk production.
When are the energy requirements greatest in lactating ewes and does? 8 to 10 weeks after starting lactation.
When should lambs and kids get colostrum? Within the first few hours of life.
When are lamb and kids normally weaned? 8 weeks old
Orphan lamb and kids should be weaned? 4-5 weeks utilizing creep feed.
What are normal injections for lambs and kids? Vitamins A, D, E, penicillin and streptomycin; selenium
Growers need how much protein? 15-16% protein
Finishers need how much protein? 13-14% protein
Sheep are susceptible to what type of toxicity? What are some symptoms? Copper; severe gastroenteritis with hemorrhagic diarrhea
A deficiency in what mineral leads to milk fever? Calcium
White muscle disease in lambs is a deficiency in what mineral? Selenium
Deficiency in this vitamin group results in death if "off feed" for a long time B Complex vitamins
This vitamin is not required because ruminants synthesize it on their own. Vitamin C
Sheep gestation is how long? ~5 months
Ewes are seasonally polyestrus, how long does their estrus last? 30 hours, best time to breed is 12-18 hours after onset of estrus.
What is "flushing"? Placing ewe on a higher plane of nutrition a few weeks prior to the breeding season, results in higher ovulation rates.
Goat gestation is how long? ~5 months (145-155 days)
Which goats are seasonal breeders and come into heat in the fall? Dairy goats and Angoras
Which goats can cycle at other times of the year? Pygmies and some others like Nubians
How can you tell a goat is in heat? Bleating, tail flagging, reddened vulva, vaginal discharge, occasional riding by other does
Is pseudopregnancy (false pregnancy) common in goats? Yes
When is tail docking done? 1-2 weeks of age
Why do we tail dock? Cleanliness and less risk of "fly strike".
Why do we not chase sheep? Sheep become easily hyperthermic.
What is rumping used for? Examining/trimming the hooves and ventral abdomen, blood draw, shearing, and vaccinations
Where do you auscultate the heart? At the 4th and 5th intercostal space.
Where do you auscultate the lungs? Between 5th and 11th ribs.
Normal rumen contractions are? 2-4 contractions/min
What is a good tip to get a urine sample from a sheep? Hold nostrils closed for up to 45 secs, and release when they struggle.
Name some internal parasites: Tapeworms, liver flukes, coccidia
Name some external parasites: Ticks, Bots, Blow flies, Fly strike, Lice, Mites
What are some vaccines for sheeps and goats? A vaccination for enterotoxemia and tetanus is a must.
Another name for Enterotoxemia? Overeating disease
Clinical signs for Foot Rot of sheep? Occurs in all ages, moderate to sever lameness, inflammation and necrotic tissue of interdigital clefts and a foul odor.
What are some symptoms of Bluetongue? Fever, edema of the (face, lips, muzzle & ears), excessive salivation, lameness, diarrhea, recumbency, and death.
Symptoms of Listeriosis: Abortion, neonatal septicemia and death, septicemia and diarrhea in ewes, and neurological disease.
What is Pregnancy Toxemia caused by and what is an early sign? Inadequate nutrition to meet the needs of the late-gestation ewe/doe caring twins or triplets, an early sign is listlessness and teeth grinding.
What are 2 zoonotic diseases you can get from goats and sheep? Caseous Lymphadenitis (chronic abscessing in lymph nodes) and Contagious Ecthyma (sore mouth)
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