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FNA, Biopsy, CSF

FNA, Biopsy, CSF - VTT 226

What is an FNA? Fine Needle Aspirate. Collecting cellular material by means of a needle and negative pressure in a syringe.
FNA supplies? 20-22g needle, 6-12mL syringe, gloves, slides, prep supplies
FNA procedure? Restraint will depend on the location. Sterile prep. Needle is pressed into area and redirected several times, while negative pressure is applied to syringe.
Making smears procedure? Remove needle from syringe, pull back plunger and fill syringe with air, replace needle, aim bevel at slide at 45°, express air
What is a biopsy? Removal of tissue to examine cells.
Punch biopsy supplies? Punch tool, clippers, scrub, scissors, suture, formalin jar, +/- local anesthetic
What is a wedge biopsy also called? Incisional biospy
What is a wedge biopsy? A portion of the mass, area, or tissue is surgically removed using a scalpel blade.
What is a CSF? Cerebrospinal Fluid Aspiration
How do you make an impression smear? Slice mass with blade, to expose an internal surface. Blot until dry. Touch mass lightly to a clean glass slide, withdraw immediately. Make several slides.
What is a visceral core biopsy? Basically FNAs of cavities or organs to obtain specimens from viscera and tissues.
Bone marrow sample sites? Proximal humerous, proximal femur, wing of the ilium
Created by: PimaVT