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Poultry Vocab

Basic Vocabulary Terms

albumen the "white" of an egg's contents
addled egg egg containing a broken yolk
Aspergillosis disease caused by a fungus or mold present in wet or damp litter
clutch nest of eggs; brood of chicks
comb fleshy crest on the domestic fowl's head
evisceration removal of entrails from the body cavity
Haugh unit in reference to broken out eggs, a unit of measurement determined by comparing the height of the albumen with the weight of the egg
gizzard muscular stomach of poultry
growout to cause a bird to grow toward or arrive at maturity
hen mature female chicken or turkey
hen day production daily production rate of hens
infundibulum abdominal opening of a fallopian tube in a female animal
keel bone breast bone or sternum of the bird's body
litter absorbent material used as a bedding in poultry brooding and growing operations
molt to shed feathers periodically
myotome cells in somites that will develop into muscles
oviposition the laying of an egg by a bird
plumage feathers of a bird
poult young immature turkey
ring brooder guard placed at ground level around the hover brooder
setting placing a group of eggs in the incubator
straight run as applied to hatched poultry, sold as hatched and not sexed
tom a mature male turkey
vent external opening of a bird's cloaca
yolk the "yellow" of an egg's contents



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