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Greek Civilization

World History Chapter 8 Study Guide on Greek Civilization

religious Through mythology, the Greek people expressed their__________ beliefs.
Homer This Greek poet wrote several epic poems about heroic deeds, including the Iliad.
comedy and tragedy What are the two types of drama that the Greeks performed at religious festivals?
Sophocles The three best-known dramatists who wrote Greek tragedies were Aeschylus, Euripides, and
Ionic The three types of columns the Greeks used in their buildings were Doric, Corinthian, and
epic a long poem about heroic deeds
fable a short tale that teaches a lesson
oracle a priest or priestess who could tell the future
myth a traditional story about gods and goddesses
oral tradition the custom of passing along stories by speech
Pythagoras This philosopher taught that the universe was governed by the same laws as music and numbers.
philosophy This word means "love of wisdom"
Aristotle After he compared 158 governments to find the best one, who wrote the book Politics?
Herodotus Who is considered to be the “father of history”?
Plato student of Socrates who wrote the Republic
philosophers thinkers who created new bodies of knowledge through teaching subjects such as history, political science, biology, and logic
Thucydides considered to be the greatest historian of the ancient world
Sophist a traveling professional teacher
Socratic Method a way of teaching by asking questions that is still used today
Demosthenes Which public speaker said that the Macedonian king Philip II was considered a threat to Greek freedom?
Granicus Alexander and his army of 40,000 Greek and Macedonian soldiers, including cavalry units, defeated an army of Persians in modern-day northwestern Turkey in the Battle of
Darius III Alexander’s main enemy, the king of the Persians, was
fought After his death, Alexander’s empire fell apart because his generals did this.
Greek In Hellenistic kingdoms, government business was conducted in which language?
Hellenistic Era a time when Greek ideas spread to non-Greek people
Alexander the Great became king of Macedonia at age 20
Phillip II Macedonian admirer of Greek ideas who planned to conquer Persia
Alexandria founded by Alexander in Egypt
legacy what a person leaves behind when he or she dies
library Alexandria was the Greek capital of Egypt, and was most famous among scholars for its
Alexandria Hellenistic kings wanted which city to serve as a cultural model for all other cities?
Hippocrates Who is known as “the father of medicine”?
Aristarchus The Greek scientist who concluded that the sun is the center of the solar system, and that the Earth revolves around the Sun, was
pi Archimedes, a scientist, mathematician, and inventor, is best known in the field of mathematics for this
Eratosthenes the astronomer who concluded that Earth is round
Stoicism Happiness comes from doing your duty and following reason, not emotion.
plane geometry a type of mathematics that relates points, lines, surfaces, and angles to one another
solid geometry a type of mathematics that deals with spheres and cylinders
Epicureanism Happiness through moderate pleasure and freedom from fear and pain is the goal of life.
Created by: Ms Plyler