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How do you set? Step 1, 2, 3 Step 1: Use thumb, pointer, and middle fingers to form a triangle Step 2: Bend knees and extend elbows Step 3: Use your finger pads to contact the ball.
Forearm Pass or Bump: Step 1: ready position(bend keens and arms out) Step 2: Make a flat surface with arms by placing hands inside one another . Step 3: The ball should contact the forearms. Step 4: Extend knees - Not arms.
Serving (overhead) Step 1: Set with opposite foot forward. Step 2: Toss with opposite hand. Step 3: Strike with heel of the dominant hand. Step 4: Follow through.
Rules of the Game 6 players on the court. 6 person rotation clockwise. Maximum of 3 hits per side. Player cannot hit ball twice in a row.
Rules of the game A ball that hits the line is in. Ball hits neat and goes over it is good. When non-serving team scores a point, they gain possession of the ball. team must rotate before
Rules of the game If the serving team wins a point, the same player continues serving without rotating. A point is scored one every serve.
Fitness - Agility Agility exercises are used to increase the ability to move quickly on the court. Form running, sprinting high knees, scissors jumps.
Fitness - Agility exercises are "anaerobic or aerobic" exercises? Agilities are also an anaerobic activity. Other examples of anaerobic activities are sprinting, football, push ups and weight training.
Fitness: Heart Rate Heart rate will increase gradually or moderately while performing aerobic exercise.
Fitness: Stretching Stretching promotes flexibility and is used to prevent injuries and increase range of motion. The sit and reach is an example of a test for flexibility
Fitness: Push Ups Push Ups are used to increase upper body muscular strength
Fitness: Curl Ups Curl Ups are used to increase abdominal strength and muscular endurance.
Created by: WTR11754