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IU international units
IP intraperitoneal
in. inches
IM intramuscular
ie that is
fl. fluid
equive equivalent
EKG ECG electrocardiogram
eg. for example
EEG electroencephalogram
dr dram(s)
cu cubic
c-section cesaren section
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CNS Central nervous system
Cal. C. large calorie (kilocalorie)
cal. c. small calorie
ca. circa about or approximitly
BMR basal metabolic rate
b.i.d twice a day
BHC benzene hexachloride
AI artificial insemination
AC agriculture canada
aa equal parts
pp pages
p page
oz. ounce
NRC national research counsil
NF national formality
N.B. note well
min. minute
LD50 amount lethal for 50% of test group
MLD minimum lethal dose
ME metabolizable energy
mAs milliampere-second
mA milliampere
Lg.An. Sm.An. large animal, small animal
ib pound
IV intraveinous
q2h every two hours
CAP capsule
c (line over top) with
BW body weight
BUN blood urea nitrogen
BM bowel movement
BAR bright, alert, responsive
AU Auris unitas, both ears
AG anal glands
AL auris sinistra, left ear
ad lib freely, as wanted
AD auris dexter, right ear
CBS complete blood count
Dx diagnosis
FeLV feline leukemia virus
DLH domestic long hair
DOA dead on arrival
DSH domestic short hair
CRT capillary refill time
FIP feline infectious peritonitis
WBC white blood cell
UNG ointment
UA urinalysis
Tx treatment
TNT toe nail trim
t.i.d. three times a day
Tab tablet
SUSP suspension
s.i.d once a day
SR suture removal
SC SQ subcutaneous
R/O rule out
RBC red blood cell
qod every other day
q.i.d 4 times a day
qns quantity not sufficient
qh every hour
qd every day
q every
PCV packed cell volume
Per os PO by mouth
ou oculus unitas, both eyes
os oculus sinister, left eye
OHE ovariohyeterectomy
OE orchidectomy (neuter)
OFA orthopedic foundation for animals
od oculus dexter, right eye
NPO nothing by mouth
MN male neutured
LRS located ringers solution
k-9 canine
IN intranasal
IO intraosseous
ID intradermal
HWP heartworm preventative
HW heartworm
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
Rx prescription
wt weight
viz. namely
USP united states pharmacopia
USDA united states department of agriculute
t.i.d three times a day
u. units
ppb parts per billion
pt pint(s)
ppm parts per million
q.i.d four times a day
qt. quart
q.v. which see
q.s. ad quantity sufficient to make
sec second
rpm revolutions per minute
R roentgen (xray)
subcut. subcutaneously
stat. immediatly
sq. square
sp. species
TDN total digestible nutrients
HCT hematocrit
HBC hit by car
FS female spayed
FIV feline immunodeficiency virus
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