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Med Term

Animal Medical Terminology

Meta- change, last
Micro- small
Neo- new
Par- , Para- beside, near, around
Per- throughout, through
Peri- around
Post- after, behind
Pre- , Pro- in front of, before
Re- again, backward
Retro- behind, backward
Sub- under, below
Super- , Supra over, above
Sym- , Syn- together, along with
Trans- across, through
Semi- , Demi- , Hemi- half
Diplo- double
Nulli- none
Ambi- Amphi- both
Ventral Near or on the belly side
Proximal near the point of refrence
Posterior Towards or at the rear
Medial towards or at the middle
Lateral towards or on the side
Dorsal near or on the back
Distal Away from
Cephalic Towards the head
Caudal Towards the tail
Bilateral both sides of the body
Anterior towards the front
Articular Pertaining to a joint
Cardiovascular pertaining to the heart and blood vessels
Circulitory pertaining to blood circulation
Digestive regarding the process of converting food into chemical substances that can be used by the body
Endocrine secreting internally
Integumentary pertaining to the skin of the body
Lymphatic pertaining to the lymph or lymphatic vessels
Muscular pertaining to the muscles
Nervous pertaining to the nerves
Reproductive concerning the production of offspring
Respiratory pertaining to the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and body cells
Skeletal pertaining to the bones of the body
Unrinary relating to the system of urine excretion
Urogenital relating to the organs of excretion and reproduction
Vascular relating to vessels for passage of body fluids
Adipose relating to fat
Adrenal relating to adrenal glands near kidneys
Dorsolateral both the back and sides
Anthroposterior from front to back
Dorsoventral the area where the dorsal and ventral sides meet
Posterolateral towards the rear and sides
Alimentary pertaining to food or nutrition
Anal pertaining to the region of the anus
Aortic pertaining to the aorta
Appendicular pertaining to the arms and legs
Arterial relating to arteries or blood in them
Articulation the joint or juncture or two or more parts
Aspiration breathing ; withdrawing body fluid
Autonomic occurring involuntarily
Axial Trunk and skull
Bowel division of the intestine
Capillary smallest blood vessels
Bronchial air tubes of the lungs
Cardiac pertaining to the heart
Cerebral relating to the brain ; and the cerebrum in particular
Cervical neck or cervix
Cilia Hairlike structures
Cloaca urogenital passage of birds
Coccygeal tail area
Collateral secondary or accessory
Colon part of the large intestine
Copulatory relating to sexual intercourse
Coronary regarding the heart
Cranial pertaining to the skull
Cutaneous relating to the skin
Deciduous Falling out at the end of a stage or season
Diaphragmatic regarding the diaphram
Diastolic regarding the dilation of the heart cavities
Digital regarding the fingers or toes
Duodenal pertaining to a duodanum
Enzyme protein that causes biochemical reaction
Epidermal pertaining to the outer layer of skin
Epithelial pertaining to the outer protective tissue of the body
Esophagus tubular food passage between the neck and stomach
Excretory relating to the discharge of waste
Exocrine external secretion of a gland
Larynx upper part of the trachea
Mucous secreting mucus
Olfactory relating to the sense of smell
Parietal pertaining to the walls of a cavity
Patellar relating to the patella
Pectoral pertaining to the breast or chest
Phalanges bones of the digits
Monestrous having one heat period per year
Pharynx upper part of the alimentary canal
Sacral pertaining to the sacrum bone
Salivary relating to the saliva or glands that secrete it
Spermatic relating to sperm
Sphnicter muscle controlling size of a body opening
Systolic regarding the contractions of the heart
Venous relating to veins
Vestigial imperfectly developed or non functioning organ
Visceral organs within the abdominal and thoracic cavities
Anesthesia without sensation
Inhalant anesthetic administered through breathing
Regional anesthetic applied to a limb or entire section of the body
Topical anesthetic applied to skin
Local anesthetic injected into an area beneath the skins surface
Abortion Premature expulsion of a fetus
Albino genetic trait causing lack of pigment in skin or hair
Artificial insemination introduction of semen into the uterus by other than natural means
Bitch Female dog
Cesarean section removal of unborn young by surgical incision into the uterus
Castration removal of the testicles
Chromosome bodies found within the cell nucleus which store genetic information
Congenital condition existing at birth, but not hereditary
Embryo undeveloped fetus
Estrus heat cycle
Fertilization union of sperm and egg
Fetus unborn developing animal
Gene part of the chromosome, carrying hereditary information
Gestation period time between conception and birth
Gravid descriptive of a uterus during pregnancy
Inguinal hernia protrusion of tissue through inguinal canals of males
-algia pain
-ase relating to
-ate having the
-cide killing
-cle small
-clysis washing , irrigation
-ectasia stretching
-ectomy removal by cutting
-ella small
-emia blood condition
-ia pathological condition
-iform shape, form
-ine relating to, like
-itis inflammation
-lepsy seizure, attack
-lysis distruction
-oid resembeling
-ole small
-ology study of
-oma tumor
-orrhagia -rrhagia hemorrhage
-orrhaphy -rrhaphy suture
-orrhexis -rrhexis break open
-orrhea -rrhea flow, discharge
-osis condition of
-ous characteristic of
-pathy disease
-plegic paralysis
-pnea breathing
-statis stop, control
-tome cutting
-ular relating to
-vorous eating
Adeno gland
Areo air
Algesi sense of pain
Andro male
Angio vessel
Ankylo stiffness, imobility
Anterio artery
Anthro joint
Bio life
Blast bud
Brachi arm
Broncho air passages
Bucco cheek
Carcino cancer
Cardio heart
Carn flesh
Carpo wrist
Caudo tail
Chephalo head
Cerebro brain
Cervico neck
Chondro cartilage
Colo large
Colpo vagina
Costo ribs
Cranio skull
Cyto cell
Dento teeth
Dermo skin
Dermato skin
Digiti fingers, toes
Dorso back
Electro electric
Encephalo inside the head, brain
Entero small intestine
Eso carrier
Esthesio sensation
Estro female
Gastro stomach
Genus beginging
Gingivo gums
Gnosis knowlege
Hemo blood
Hepato liver
Hydro water
Hystero uterus
ileo ileum of intestines
ilio ilium of pelvis
Ischi hip, pelvis
Lacrimo tears
Lacto milk
Laparo abdominal wall
Lipo fat
Litho stone
Lumbo lower back
Lympho lymphatic tissue
Malaco softening
Malano dark, black
Meter measure
Morph structure, shape
Myco fungus
Myelo marrow, spinal cord
Myo muscle
Narco sleep
Necro dead
Nephro kidney
Neuro nerve
Olfact smell
Oo egg
Zyg union, pair
Vivi live
Vaso vessel
Uro tail
Ophthalmo eye
Opia sight
Radiograph xray photograph
Radiology the use of xrays to diagnose and treat
Reduction returning of broken bones to correct position
Serology tests using blood serum
Smear material spread on a microscopic slide for examination
Toxoplasmosis disease that can infect cats and humans
Zoonosis disease of animals that can be transmitted to humans
Anemia red blood cell deficiency
Atrophic rhinitis progressive decline and inflammation of nasal membranes
Bacteria plural of bacterium
Bacterium microscopic prokaryotic unicellular organism
Canine distemper viral disease of dogs, marked by fever and respiratory problems
Cardiomyopathy Chronic disorder in the heart, common in dogs.
Colic acute abdominal pain, common in horses
Diabetes insipidus diabetic condition caused by pituitary disorder
Diabetes Melitus diabetic condition caused by inadequate supply of insulin
Enzootic pneumonia infection of the lungs found in specific kinds of animals
Feline Panleukopenia viral leukemia of cats, usually fatal
Feline urolithiasis condition in cats caused by mineral deposits in the urinary tract
Feline infectious pertonitis infectious inflammation of the peritoneum
A- lacking, without
Ab- away from
Ad- Af- to, toward
An- without
Ana- up, upward
Ante- before
Antero- towards the front
Anti- against, opposite
Auto- self
Orchido testicle
Oro mouth
Osteo bone
Oto ear
Ovo egg
Parie wall
Patho diesease
Phagia eat
Phlebo vein
Phono sound
Pilo hair
Pleuro rib, side
Pneumono lung
Pod foot
Pseudo false
Psycho mind
Ptasis prolapse
Pulmo lungs
Pyo pus
Rhino nose
Scope view
Thoraco thorax, chest
Tropho growth, nurishment
Ur Urino urine
Acro extremity, highest
Abdomino Abdomen
Carbo- carbon, charcoal
Circum around
Com- Con- Cor- with, together
Contra against, opposite
Cuti skin
Cyst- bladder
De- down, from
Dia- through, apart
Dis- separate, undo
Dys- painful, faulty
E- without
Ecto- outer
Ef- Ex- Exo- out of, away from
En- Endo- Eto- inner, within
Epi- over, upon
Eu- easy, true
Extra- outside of, in addition
Fore- before, in front of
Hetero- different, other
Homeo- Homo- same, simalur
Hyer- above, more than normal
Hypo- below, less than normal
In- in, not
Infra- below, under
Inter- between
Intra- within, into
Iso- equal, a like
Macro- Mega- large
Mal- bad, poor
Medi- Medio- middle
Mes- middle, intermediate
-an -ian -en belonging to
Gastroenteritis inflammation of the membrane lining of the stomach and intestines
Hemophilia condition of delayed blood clotting
Herpes Virus inflammatory virus that reproduces in the cell nucleus
Hydrothorax excess fluid in the lining of the lungs
Hyperthyroidism excessive function of the thyroid gland
Hypertrophy exaggerated growth
Hypothyroidism deficient activity of the thyroid gland
Leukemia chronic disease of the white blood cells
Lymphosarcoma malignant lymph tumor tending to spread freely, common in cattle
Malignant catarrhal fever mucous membrane inflammation
Phenylbutazone toxicity reaction to the anti-inflammatory analgesic phenylbutzone
Pneumothorax air in the pleural cavity
Prokaryote organism without a membrane- bound nucleus
Pyelonephritis inflammation of both the pelvic and kidney lining, common in cattle
Tetanus acute infectious disease usually introduced through a wound
Virus simple microorganism that grows only in living cells, causing disease
Oviparous animal whose legs develop outside the mothers body
Ovovivioarous animal whose eggs develop within the mothers oviduct
Polyestrous having more than one heat period per year
Prepuce protective sheath covering the penis
Vivparous giving birth to live young developed in the uterus
Whelp giving birth to, especially for dogs
Abrasion irritation of the skin or mucous membrane
Antibiotic substance that destroys disease-causing bacteria
Antibody substance formed by the blood to counteract antigens
Anticoagulant substance that hinders blood clotting
Antigen substance that stimulates the bodys immune system
Antiseptic clean
Antivenon substance that counteracts the toxicity of venum
Artificial respiration rhythmatic forcing of air into lungs that have stopped breathing
Aseptic technique procedure for preventing infection
Atrophic rhinitis the wasting away of mucous membranes or glands
Avulsion detachment or tearing away of a body part
Onych- nail or claw
Or- Stomat- mouth
Rabies acute infectious viral disease of the CNS
Pyelonephritis inflammation of the kidney and pelvis due to bacteria infection
Prolapse slipping of a body part from its usual position
Polyphagia excessive appitite
Polyuria excessive urine
Polydipsia excessive thirst
Pneumonic pasteurellosis infection of the lumps found in cattle
Palpate examine by touch
Parainfuenza viral infection of the respiratory tract that dogs are routinely vaccinated against
Mastits inflammation of the breast
Luxation dislocation
Leptospirosis infectious disease that dogs are routinely vaccinates against
Hematocrit a laboratory procedure to determine the level of red blood cells in the body
Halitosis bad breath
Exogenous originating from outside the organism
Epiphysis part of the bone where growth occurs; often site of breakage in young animals
Endogenous originating from within the organism
Enema injection of liquid through the anus to empty the intestine
Endotracheal intubatio placement of a tube through the trachea
Docking cosmetic surgery that removes a portion of a dogs tail
Dissociative agent anesthetic that chemically separates out perceptions of pain
Cystittis inflammation of the bladder
Cropping cosmetic surgery that removes large portions of a dogs ear
Cortisone antiinflammatory hormone used in arthritis treatment
Canine parvovirus virus that causes a deadly disease in dogs
Convultion uncontrolled violent muscle contraction
Brucellosis an infection caused by brucella bacteria that can cause disease in animals and man
Biopsy removal and examination of body tissue for diagnosis
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