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Canine care

Canine grooming and basic health care

Term given to process of trimming and bathing Grooming
Type of nail clippers used on medium to large dogs Plier-type
Type of nail clippers used on small dogs and other small animals Scissor-type
The higher the number of an electric clipper blade, the ________________ the cut. Shorter or closer
Selecting a shampoo for a dog is based on their ____________. Haircoat or situation
Used in an effort to keep water from getting in dog's ears during grooming cotton balls
Used to keep dog from escaping during groming Grooming noose
Select type of brushes to use on dog based on their _________ Haircoat
Brushing is done _______________________ a bath Before and after
Most important thing to keep in mind during grooming Safety for dog and handler
Good ear cleaners are never __________ based Water
The shape of a dog's ear canal. L-shaped
Dogs with this type of ears are more prone to ear problems Floppy
Removal of hair inside ear Ear plucking
Poodles and poodle mix breeds Have excessive ear hair
Can prevent air circulation and trap wax, dirt and debris Ear hair
Blood supply of nail bed Quick
Used to stop bleeding if nail is cut too short Styptic powder or gel
Used to shorten or shape a nail Dremel tool
Located at 4 and 8 o'clock just inside rectum Anal glands or sacs
These breeds are more prone to anal gland blockage Small
Scooting and licking rectal area Symptoms of anal gland blockage
Do not use this type of toothpaste on dogs Human
Created by: mmill