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VTT Surgical Nursing

Final Exam Review

What stage of anesthesia is Premortem? Stage 4
What stage of anesthesia is excitement? Stage 2
What stage of anesthesia is ideal for surgeries such as a spay? stage 3 plane 3
What stage of anesthesia is ideal for surgeries such as a neuter? stage 3 plane 2
what is the earliest anesthetic depth to allow endotracheal intubation? stage 3 plane 1
What color is an oxygen tank? green
What color is a nitrogen tank? black
What color is a nitrous oxide tank? blue
What color is a carbon dioxide tank? gray
is isoflurane VIC or VOC? VOC
Is sevoflurane VIC or VOC? VOC
Is ether VIC or VOC? VIC
Is desflurane VIC or VOC? VOC
Is halothane VIC or VOC? VOC
Is chloroform VIC or VOC? VIC
Is nylon suture absorbable or non-absorbable non-absorbable
is polyester suture absorbable or non-absorbable? non-absorbable
is Vicryl suture absorbable or non-absorbable? absorbable
is Dermalon suture absorbable or non-absorbable? non-absorbable
is Dexon suture absorbable or non-absorbable? absorbable
is Prolene suture absorbable or non-absorbable? non-absorbable
is PDS suture absorbable or non-absorbable? absorbable
is chromic gut suture absorbable or non-absorbable? absorbable
is silk suture absorbable or non-absorbable? non-absorbable
before the oxygen hits the anesthetic machine oxygen gas is reduced to _____by the regulator? 50psi
What valve on anesthetic machine allows for room air to enter the anesthetic system? negative pressure relief valve
how could you subjectively monitor adequate oxygen saturation? MM and CRT
What happens when propofol is given too rapidly? apnea
which drug is classified as a dissociative? ketamine
mydriasis is best described as? pupil dilation
menace reflex is used to test for what? vision
when a light is shined into the right eye and the right pupil constricts, this is called what? direct pupillary response
What medical term for a neuter? orchiectomy
T/F- ketamine has analgesic properties true
T/F- Telazol has analgesic properties true
T/F- One of the most common complications of endotracheal intubation is placement of the tube into the esophagus True
T/F- Prolene is a type of absorbable suture? False
T/F- An animal with an ASA score of 1 is very healthy True
T/F- Nystagmus is considered a normal occurrence during induction of anesthesia and need not be recorded False
T/F- Anisocoria means both pupils are dilated False
T/F- An H tank should be changed when it reaches 200psi or lower true
T/F- Anesthetic gasses can be interchanged between vaporizers False
T/F- Atelectasis occurs when gastric contents are inhaled False
T/F- Mayo-hagar and olsen hagar refer to hemostats False
T/F- The only difference between carmalt hemostats and crile hemostats is size false
T/F- Blunt-sharp operating scissors are used on tissue or suture True
What induction drug should never be used in whippets? thiopental/thiobarbiturates
What color is associated with isoflurane? purple
What color is associated with sevoflurane? yellow
What color is associated with desflurane? blue
What color is associated with halothane? red
What would happen to an anesthetized patient if you pushed the oxygen flush button? The anesthetic vaporizer is bypassed and the patient receives pure oxygen
What does VIC stand for? Vaporizer in circuit
What does VOC stand for? Vaporizer out of circuit
What is the proper name for a declaw? Onchyectomy
What are the 4 steps of the pain pathway? transduction, transmission, modulation, perception
Systolic BP is in reference to when the heart is doing what? contraction
Diastolic heart at rest
Arteries have smooth muscle, do veins have this as well? no
How would you get a direct blood pressure reading? arterial catheter w/ transducer
What are 2 ways to get an indirect BP measurement? Doppler, Oscillometric
When choosing what size BP cuff to use, the cuff should be ____ the circumference of the limb 40%
When taking BP w/ a Doppler the crystal is placed directly over what? an artery
Does a Doppler measure BP accurately in patients less than 5kg yes
Does an oscillometer measure BP accurately in patients less than 5kg no
What is considered normal blood pressure? systolic 110-160 mmHg Diastolic 70-90mmHg Mean 70-90mmHg
hypotension abnormally low blood pressure.
hypertension abnormally high blood pressure
What can cause hypotension? poor cardiac output, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, shock, adrenal insuffiencies, low volume states, hypothermia, secondary to drug administration
How would you treat hypotension? crystalloids (LRS, Saline), colloids (blood product/hetastarch), Dopamine, Dobutamine, treatment of underlying disease (Addison's, heart disease etc..)
causes of hypertension pain, fever, hyper dynamic shock, renal failure, cushings disease, hyperthyroid
What measurements does a pulse oximeter take? oxygen saturation of hemoglobin, pulse waves, heart rate
What can cause pulse ox readings to vary? Skin pigment, perfusion, blood volume, motion
Where can you place the pulse ox probe? tongue, lip, ear, skin fold, prepuce, vulva
What is the normal pulse ox reading when the patient is breathing room air? 96-100% PaO2 of 80-100mmhg
PaO2 partial pressure of oxygen
What does ETCO2 measure? the carbon dioxide concentration at the end of exhalation
What is ETCO2 End tidal Carbon dioxide
What is the normal ETCO2? 35-40 mmHg
Hypocapnia a.k.a. decreased CO2 (ETCO2 reading) less than 32 mmHg
Hypercapnia aka increased CO2 (ETCO2 reading) greater than 50mmHg
What are the causes of hypocapnia hyperventilation, apnea, inadequate circulation to lungs, mechanical problem (tubing), incorrectly placed ET tube (esophagus)
how would you treat hypocapnia? increase anesthetic depth/analgesia, correct errors with set up
What causes Hypercapnia? hypoventilation, apnea, metabolic disturbances (acidosis), rebreathing of carbon dioxide
How would you treat Hypercapnia? decrease anesthetic depth, administration of medications (doxapram, naloxone,, positive pressure ventilation
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