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Canine Quiz Bowl 2

Study Prep for Canine Quiz Bowl - Part 2

Combs for electric clippers may vary based on how much hair they cut off. The differences between these combs is based on this. The number of teeth they have.
This shampoo is formulated for dry, itchy skin. Oatmeal
Labor process in dogs. Whelping
A Labradoodle or a Bichonpoo are examples of these breeds. Designer or Hybrid
Parasite that lives on hair. Lice
Diet designed for dogs over 7 years old. Senior
This position would not be used for radiography/x-ray. Standing recumbency
These are removed to prevent them from getting caught and tearing or to prevent scratching. Dewclaws
A parasite that can kill a dog if left untreated. Heartworm
Thick, dark, crusty, wax-like material in the ear. Ear mites
Refusing to eat. Anorexia
Inactivity Lethargy
Signs include 'rice' looking things in feces. Tapeworm
Alopecia Hair loss
Shape of a dog's ear canal. L-shaped
"OFA" means a dog has been tested for this type of abnormalities. Hip
Small dog breeds reach this earlier than large dog breeds. Puberty
Common way infectious diseases are transmitted. Sharing food and water
Signs of a bitch in heat. Behavior changes, swollen vulva and bloody discharge
Disease prevention includes sanitation, vaccinations and sometimes this. Quarantine
Traditional methods of dog training may include the use of this type of collar. Choker
Difficult labor. Dystocia
Located at 6 and 9 inside anus. Anal glands
Example of a bacterial disease. Leptospirosis
Example of a fungal disease. Ringworm
Example of a viral disease. Rabies
A restraint device that can be used to remove an aggressive dog from a cage. Snare pole
Earliest age puppy can get rabies vaccine. 12 weeks
Created by: mmill