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Canine Quiz Bowl 1

Study Prep for Canine Quiz Bowl - Part 1

As an alternate to a commercial muzzle, you can make one out of this. Gauze
A skin scraping is used to diagnose this parasite. Mites
Sharp movements of the head and ears, avoidance of eye contact, and shivering describes a dog that feels what way? Frightened
A dog with its ears up and forward and with a wagging tail is showing characteristics of what kind of attitude? Happy
Tool used to shorten and shape a dog's nails. Dremel
A bitch that is restless, anxious and refuses food is showing signs of parturition, otherwise known as what? Whelping
When reading a pedigree, the dam refers to the mother or the father? Mother
Dogs are omnivores, carnivores or herbivores? Carnivores
Grooming item used to stop a bleeding nail. Styptic powder or gel
Snowy Coat shampoo should be used on which dog breed, a West Highland White Terrier or a Schnauzer? West Highland White Terrier
If you know the age of puberty for different species, you probably can prevent this. Unwanted pregnancies
Location where we measure the height of a dog. Withers
This condition is contagious. Ear mites
This condition is not contagious Tooth decay or plaque build-up
A dog that stiffens and lifts an upper lip and raises their hackles is expressing what emotion? Aggression
What breed commonly has it's tail docked? Rottweiler
What breed does not have a docked tail? Dachshund
The part of the nail that bleeds if cut too short . Quick
The term used to teach a dog how to eliminate, or pee/poop, outside. Housebreaking
A disease that can pass from animal to human or human to animal. Zoonotic
Surgical procedure to remove ovaries and uterus from female animal. Spay
Which AKC group of dogs has the longest life expectancy based on their size? Toy
Dogs greet each other by naso-ano sniffing. They are actually smelling each other's ______________. Scent glands
An example of a topical medication Flea and tick prevention
Type of nail trimmers that could be used to cut a dewclaw that has curled into the pad. Scissor-type
Pregnancy Gestation
Time from fertilization to parturition in animals. Gestation
Skin condition caused by a fungus. Ringworm
Averages 63 days in dogs. Gestation
Behavior that can be reduced by neutering. Aggression
Intermediate host for tapeworm Flea
Type of training when reward is given for performing a behavior. Positive reinforcement
Age to begin weaning pups. 4-5 weeks
"Sit" and "Stay" Verbal restraint
Commonly add supplements to diet during this stage of life for joint management. Senior
Location of jugular vein. Either side of neck
Location of cephalic vein. Inside of front leg
Created by: mmill